How Much Is Lvn Program at Concorde?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The cost of the LVN program varies by Concorde Career College campus location.
  • At Concorde’s Grand Prairie campus, the LVN program costs $32,552 for 2022-2023.
  • The San Bernardino campus LVN program costs $17,327 for 2022-2023.
  • Living costs besides tuition/fees are $31,450 at the Garden Grove campus.
  • Check the specific campus catalog for detailed, program-specific tuition information.


Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) programs provide training to become an entry-level licensed nurse. These intensive programs cover nursing theory, clinical practice, and hands-on skills over 9-12 months. With the growing demand for healthcare services, LVNs play a vital role in providing patient care and supporting registered nurses and physicians. When considering an LVN program, tuition cost is an important factor. Concorde Career College offers LVN programs at multiple California campuses, but the cost varies. This article will comprehensively evaluate how much the LVN program costs at Concorde Career College’s different locations.

Understanding the tuition, fees, and other expenses associated with Concorde’s LVN programs can help prospective students budget and plan for this investment in their future nursing careers. By analyzing the available cost information for the Grand Prairie, San Bernardino, and Garden Grove campuses, readers will gain valuable insight into the financial undertaking of these competitive nursing programs. Whether looking to compare costs or gain a complete picture of the LVN program expenses at specific Concorde campuses, this guide provides the details needed to make an informed choice.

Overall, this article aims to provide clarity and transparency around the costs of Concorde Career College’s LVN programs. With nursing a highly promising career field, the tuition costs may well be worth the long-term benefits. By understanding the precise costs at each location, readers can determine if a Concorde LVN program aligns with their educational budget and career aspirations in this impactful field.

LVN Program Cost at Concorde Career College-Grand Prairie

According to the published costs for the 2022-2023 academic year, what is the total cost of the LVN program at Concorde Career College’s Grand Prairie campus in Texas?

The LVN program at Concorde Career College-Grand Prairie costs $32,552 for the full program duration in the 2022-2023 academic year. This consists of:

  • Tuition: $30,576
  • Fees: $1,976

In addition to these direct costs, students will also need to budget for textbooks, uniforms, medical supplies, and other program-related expenses. However, the total tuition and fees for the year come to $32,552.

The Grand Prairie campus LVN program takes 45 weeks to complete when attended full-time. This intensive program prepares students to become licensed vocational nurses through a combination of classroom instruction and supervised clinical training. Coursework covers subjects like nursing fundamentals, medical/surgical nursing, mental health, gerontology, nutrition, anatomy and physiology. With small class sizes and hands-on experience in nursing labs and at healthcare facilities, Concorde aims to fully prepare students for LVN certification and professional nursing practice.

At $32,552 for the 2022-2023 year, the total cost represents a significant investment. However, statistics show the median annual salary for LVNs in Texas is $48,840 or $23.48 per hour, providing strong long-term return on investment potential. For those looking to begin an affordable nursing career in the Dallas metropolitan area, Concorde’s Grand Prairie LVN program may be an option worth exploring.

What is the Cost of Concorde Career College-San Bernardino’s LVN Program?

For students interested in the LVN program at Concorde’s San Bernardino, California campus, how much does this program cost per year based on current 2022-2023 tuition and fees?

The total cost of Concorde Career College-San Bernardino’s LVN program for 2022-2023 is $17,327. This breaks down into:

  • Tuition: $16,667
  • Fees: $660

These mandatory fees include things like registration, student services, and graduation fees.

While the total direct cost of tuition and fees is $17,327, students also need to pay for textbooks, uniforms, and other supplies which may add around $1,500-$2,000 in additional expenses. However, the published 2022-2023 tuition and fees total $17,327.

Spanning 36 weeks of full-time study, the intensive LVN program combines coursework and hands-on clinical training aligned with California’s requirements for LVN licensure. Areas of study include nursing fundamentals, medical/surgical nursing, mental health nursing, gerontology, nutrition, anatomy and physiology. Small classes allow for individualized instruction focused on developing essential nursing knowledge and skills.

For those hoping to begin a nursing career in the Inland Empire region of Southern California, the $17,327 in tuition and fees for Concorde San Bernardino’s LVN program may be an affordable option compared to costs at private nursing schools. With California’s nursing job outlook strong, LVN certification can open doors to rewarding healthcare careers.

What are the Details on LVN Program Costs at Concorde Career College-Garden Grove?

At Concorde Career College’s Garden Grove, California campus, what costs are published related to the LVN program for students, including tuition, fees, and other expenses?

While an exact total for tuition and fees is not specified, Concorde Career College’s website indicates that students should plan for an estimated $31,450 in annual living costs if living off campus while attending the Garden Grove campus LVN program.

This estimated amount for housing, food, transportation and other necessities provides a sense of the expenses beyond just LVN tuition and fees. However, the precise tuition and fees associated with the Garden Grove LVN program are not indicated.

Students would need to contact the Garden Grove campus directly or refer to the latest program catalog for full details on LVN program tuition, lab fees, clinical fees, registration fees and any other mandatory program costs. The $31,450 living expense estimate offers one data point, but the complete tuition breakdown would need to come directly from the school.

The Garden Grove LVN program runs for 47 weeks and includes all required nursing courses and clinical hours to prepare students for a nursing career as a licensed vocational nurse. Graduates are qualified to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam for LVN licensure in California. With Orange County’s strong job outlook in healthcare, Concorde’s Garden Grove LVN program could lead to rewarding opportunities, making it important to understand the full costs involved. Contacting the campus for their latest program catalog is advisable.

How Should Prospective Students Research LVN Program Costs at Specific Campuses?

For prospective students considering Concorde Career College’s LVN programs, what steps should they take to find the exact costs at a given campus location?

Prospective students should take the following steps:

  • Visit the campus website – tuition information may be found under the program descriptions. However, this high-level data may not contain full details.
  • Request the latest program catalog – this contains in-depth program cost details including tuition, all fees, equipment, and textbooks.
  • Contact admissions – speak to a representative to get complete cost information for the current or upcoming academic year.
  • Confirm costs close to enrollment – tuition and fees are subject to change annually, so confirm the totals are still accurate as the planned enrollment date nears.
  • Account for additional expenses – besides direct costs, factor in supplemental expenses for textbooks, uniforms, and commuting to campus. These can add $1,000+ in additional costs.
  • Ask about payment plans – find out if payment installment plans are available to spread tuition payments over time.
  • Inquire about financial aid – ask about scholarship opportunities or federal/state financial aid to assist with costs.

By utilizing the campus catalog, consulting admissions, and asking lots of questions, prospective LVN students can gain clarity on the full costs associated with Concorde’s nursing programs in California and Texas. This research allows for informed decision making about this major educational investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About LVN Program Costs at Concorde Career College

What types of costs are included in Concorde LVN tuition and fees?

Tuition covers the cost of instruction, while fees pay for things like registration, student services, labs, clinical hours, technology, graduation, uniforms, and equipment. Required textbooks are purchased separately.

How much does the LVN program cost per credit hour?

Cost per credit hour varies by location. At the San Bernardino campus, LVN tuition is $285 per credit hour for 2022-2023. Students should check with their campus for current per credit hour costs.

Are there differences in cost for in-district vs. out-of-district students?

No, Concorde LVN program tuition and fees are the same for all accepted students regardless of residency. However, out-of-district students may have higher living expenses if commuting is required.

Can you use financial aid to pay for Concorde’s LVN program?

Yes, financial aid options including federal student loans and grants may be used to pay LVN program costs. Students should contact the campus Financial Aid Office about aid eligibility.

Does Concorde LVN tuition increase each year?

Tuition and fees are re-evaluated annually and may see modest increases from year to year, though are generally stable. Check with admissions for the actual costs for your intended enrollment term.

Can you attend the LVN program part-time?

While Concorde’s LVN programs are intended for full-time enrollment, some campuses may offer flexibility for part-time attendance. Check with admissions about part-time options.

Are payment plans available for LVN tuition and fees?

Payment installment plans may allow tuition costs to be spread over equal monthly payments interest-free. Students should inquire with admissions or financial aid.

What additional costs beyond tuition and fees should students budget for?

Aside from tuition and fees, students should also budget funds for textbooks, uniforms, medical supplies, transportation, and living costs while in the LVN program.

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