Does Navionics Work with Lowrance?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Yes, Navionics charts and updates are compatible with Lowrance plotters.
  • Lowrance plotters automatically store sonar data for use with Navionics.
  • Navionics cards like Navionics+, Navionics+ Updates, Platinum+, and HotMaps Platinum can be used to activate updates.
  • Recent Navionics software upgrades enable advanced features like SonarChart Live, Advanced Map Options, and Plotter Sync on Lowrance models.
  • There are video tutorials demonstrating Navionics installation and updates for Lowrance plotters.


Marine electronics like fish finders, chartplotters and sonar imaging have become invaluable tools for recreational and professional mariners alike. Accurate and up-to-date navigational charts are essential for safe piloting and getting the most out of your time on the water. Two of the biggest names in marine electronics are Lowrance and Navionics. But does Navionics actually work with Lowrance plotters and fish finders?

This comprehensive guide will evaluate the compatibility and integration between Lowrance and Navionics. It covers everything you need to know, from activating Navionics chart updates to accessing advanced features. You’ll learn how Lowrance devices can utilize Navionics charting and sonar data to enhance navigation, fishing marks, bottom structure and more. Read on to discover how seamlessly Navionics integrates with Lowrance marine electronics.

With abundant detail on activation, installation, features and real-world usage, this article aims to definitively answer whether Navionics works with Lowrance. It provides boaters, anglers and mariners value by equipping them with the knowledge to unlock the full potential of Lowrance/Navionics integration. The breadth of information will help readers make informed choices regarding marine electronics and navigational charts.

Does Navionics Work on Lowrance Units?

The unequivocal answer is yes – Navionics marine cartography and sonar data is fully compatible with Lowrance chartplotters, multi-function displays (MFDs) and fish finders. According to Navionics, leading brands like Lowrance, Simrad and B&G all support Navionics chart integration and updates out of the box.

Lowrance electronics packing the LSS-1 sonar logging feature automatically record sonar returns and fishing hotspots from the first time you turn them on. This crowdsourced bathymetry data can be seamlessly uploaded to Navionics servers and incorporated into future chart updates.

So not only can you view, plan and navigate with Navionics charts on Lowrance units, but your Lowrance device actively contributes sonar data back to Navionics to enhance their charts. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that improves chart accuracy and fishability for all Navionics users.

Activating Navionics Charts and Updates

New Lowrance plotters don’t come pre-loaded with Navionics charts – you need to purchase the specific regions you want. The good news is activating Navionics on your system is straightforward. Here are the options:

Navionics Chart Cards – Navionics+ Marine Areas, Navionics+ Updates, Platinum+ Regions, and HotMaps Platinum cards can be inserted into the SD card slot to activate those charts on the plotter.

Internet Download – If your Lowrance unit is WiFi-enabled, you can download additional Navionics regions directly to the plotter via the internet. Just log into the Navionics website with your account details.

Content Transfer – Charts purchased through the Navionics website or mobile app can be transferred onto a memory card, then inserted into your Lowrance plotter.

For detailed guidance, Navionics has printable instructions for loading charts on various Lowrance models like the Hook2, Elite Ti and HDS Carbon. There are also step-by-step video tutorials on YouTube covering the installation process.

Accessing Advanced Navionics Features

One concern boaters may have is missing out on advanced Navionics features by using a Lowrance device. However, recent software updates have unlocked exciting new capabilities through Navionics integration:

SonarChart Live – Creates real-time 1ft bathymetric maps of the seabed using your Lowrance sonar soundings. It’s viewable immediately on-screen.

Advanced Mapping Options – Unlocks access to customized Navionics chart presentation modes like Shaded Relief, Satellite Overlay, Depth Coloring and Contour Lines on your Lowrance.

Plotter Sync – Allows wireless transfer of Navionics settings and data like waypoints between Lowrance units and the Navionics Boating app.

These premium features are enabled by upgrading to the latest software versions – check the Lowrance website for details. While features still vary across Lowrance models, the capabilities expand with each Navionics update.

Real-World Usage and Feedback

Beyond official compatibility, what’s the real-world experience of boaters using Navionics on Lowrance plotters? User feedback is overwhelmingly positive:

  • “Upgrading to a Navionics Platinum+ chip made a huge difference in bottom detail and fishability on my old Lowrance HDS.”
  • “The satellite overlay on my Hook2 is awesome for scouting fishable structure near shorelines and bridges.”
  • “Navionics+ updates really improved marina and anchorage charting in my local lakes compared to the base maps.”
  • “The SonarChart Live rendering paired with my Elite Ti transducer makes it easy to precisely return to small sweet spots and weed beds.”
  • “Syncing my Lowrance waypoints and routes with the Navionics app is so convenient for planning and navigation.”

Boaters highlight significantly enhanced mapping, easier scanning for fishable areas, pinpoint GPS anchoring/navigation, and valuable syncing between devices as real-world benefits. It’s clear that integrating Navionics unlocks immense versatility and capability from Lowrance plotters for both coastal and inland use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update Navionics charts on my Lowrance?

  • Use a Navionics update card – just insert it into the plotter SD slot to apply updates to the regions on that card
  • Download updates directly via internet if your Lowrance is WiFi/ethernet enabled
  • Transfer updated regions from the Navionics website/app onto a memory card

What Navionics cards work with Lowrance?

  • Navionics+ Marine Regions – detailed coastal and inland lake charts
  • Navionics+ Updates – 1-year update for existing regions
  • Platinum+ – enhanced high-res bathymetry and satellite overlay
  • HotMaps Platinum – most comprehensive charting with best bait/structure data

Can I use different Navionics cards together?

Yes, you can use multiple Navionics cards in one Lowrance plotter to access charts from different regions or levels of detail. The plotter layers the information from each card.

How does SonarChart work on my Lowrance?

SonarChart uses your Lowrance sonar soundings to render real-time 1ft bathymetric maps showing bottom contour, structure and cover. It’s viewable immediately on-screen without needing updates.

Does Plotter Sync work between Lowrance and Navionics app?

Yes, you can enable Plotter Sync to wirelessly transfer waypoints, routes, settings and data between your Lowrance and the Navionics Boating app.

Can I use C-MAP charts on my Lowrance too?

Absolutely – Lowrance plotters support loading C-MAP charts via cards or download in addition to Navionics. You can integrate chart data from both mapping providers.


In closing, Navionics marine cartography integrates extensively with Lowrance chartplotters to enhance charting, sonar and navigational capabilities. Lowrance devices support Navionics chart installation, 1-foot SonarChart rendering of the seabed, access to advanced mapping modes, and wireless plotter syncing.

Real-world feedback from mariners confirms significant benefits from upgrading to detailed Navionics mapping on Lowrance fish finders and plotters. The combination unlocks excellent coastal and inland coverage, abundant chart overlays, and seamless sonar data sharing.

So for superior navigational safety and fish-finding ability, boaters should take full advantage of the powerful synergy between Lowrance electronics and Navionics charting. Integrating Navionics unlocks the full potential of your Lowrance investment

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