What Happened to Spiro in the Durrells?

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Key Takeaways:

  • In the TV show The Durrells, Spiro developed a close friendship with Louisa Durrell but remained devoted to his wife Katerina.
  • In the final season, Spiro and Katerina left Corfu for Athens where they opened a successful restaurant.
  • The real-life Spiro Amerikanos, who inspired the TV character, died in 1990 in Corfu after asking for directions to Henry Miller’s house.
  • Spiro was the Durrell family’s helpful friend and driver during their years in Corfu in the 1930s.
  • The relationship between Spiro and Louisa was close but never crossed the line into romance.


The British TV drama The Durrells, based on Gerald Durrell’s Corfu trilogy of memoirs, brought the adventures of the eccentric Durrell family to life. A highlight of the show was the character of Spiro Halikiopoulos, the Durrells’ ever-faithful friend and protector during their time in Corfu, Greece in the 1930s. Spiro, played by Greek actor Alexis Georgoulis, was endlessly loyal and helpful to the family, especially matriarch Louisa Durrell.

This article will take an in-depth look at what ultimately happened to the character of Spiro in the final season of The Durrells. It will analyze the complex, evolving relationship between Spiro and Louisa Durrell, and examine how the show portrayed Spiro’s storyline and eventual departure from Corfu. Additionally, it will uncover what became of the real-life Spiro Amerikanos who inspired the TV character. With rich detail and context, the article provides a comprehensive understanding of Spiro’s journey both within the world of The Durrells and beyond. For devoted fans of this heartwarming show, it offers closure regarding the fate of one of its most beloved personalities.

Spiro and the Durrells – A Loyal Friendship

The Durrells first met Spiro soon after the family’s move from England to the Greek island of Corfu in 1935. As their driver, guide, and “fixer,” the welcoming Spiro essentially helped acclimate the Durrells to their new island home. Spiro took the family under his wing, warmly welcoming them despite their pronounced eccentricities. With his patience, resourcefulness, and affable nature, he became an indispensable part of their lives in Corfu.

Spiro and Louisa in particular developed a very close bond over the ensuing years. Spiro was constantly supportive of Louisa’s ventures, like her quest to find fulfilling work. In many ways, he was Louisa’s touchstone as she adjusted to her unorthodox new life amidst her headstrong children. Spiro offered advice and always stood up for Louisa during her frequent clashes with certain obstructive British expatriates on the island. Through all the Durrells’ wild antics and misadventures, Spiro remained their trusted ally.

Did Spiro and Louisa’s closeness ever become romantic?

While Spiro and Louisa’s friendship was undoubtedly very close, the show ultimately did not depict it evolving into a romance. Spiro maintained his devotion to his wife Katerina despite Louisa’s apparent growing feelings for him. He repeatedly turned down Louisa’s suggestions about leaving his wife. Spiro proved loyal to Katerina, staying committed to his marriage. Louisa eventually moved past her infatuation, treasuring Spiro as her supportive, dependable friend. Their bond remained intimate but purely platonic.

Spiro’s Departure from Corfu in The Durrells

In the fourth and final season of The Durrells in 2019, Spiro took the difficult decision to leave Corfu and the Durrells behind. After years serving as the family’s helper and companion, Spiro made the choice to move to Athens with wife Katerina.

What prompted Spiro’s decision to leave?

Spiro revealed that Katerina had received an inheritance from her aunt in Athens. He wanted to use this windfall to open a restaurant in the city, finally pursuing his and Katerina’s shared dream. Spiro had evidently also grown weary of trying to restrain the often unruly Durrell children’s antics. Moving to Athens represented a fresh start. A bittersweet Spiro broke the news gently to a distraught Louisa.

How did Spiro’s exit unfold on the show?

The Durrells staged a subdued farewell party for Spiro, punctuated by tears and reminiscing. Spiro affirmed his unflagging support for Louisa and how much their friendship meant to him. In the final shot, Spiro was shown driving off toward the ferry to Athens, while Louisa watched wistfully. The scene underscored Spiro’s immense importance in the Durrells’ lives and how deeply his absence affected Louisa.

What became of Spiro and Katerina after they left Corfu?

The show revealed that six months after moving to Athens, Spiro sent Louisa a cheerful letter about his new life. He and Katerina had successfully opened their restaurant using her inheritance. Spiro expressed pride at becoming a small business owner and hinted that it had brought him and Katerina closer.

While sorry to lose Spiro, Louisa found comfort knowing Spiro had finally achieved his goal and found happiness with his wife in this new phase. Spiro’s exit was thus bittersweet but ultimately painted in a positive light.

The Real Spiro Amerikanos – His Fate after The Durrells

Spiro Halikiopoulos was loosely based on the Durrells’ actual friend and driver, Spiro Amerikanos. Several details about Amerikanos found their way into his fictionalized counterpart. Much like in the show, the real Spiro Amerikanos died a few years after the Durrells left Corfu in 1939.

How and when did the real Spiro die?

By most accounts, Spiro Amerikanos passed away in Corfu in 1990 after a short illness. He was in his early 80s at the time of his death. One additional report states Amerikanos died longing for his old American friend Henry Miller, feverishly asking for directions to Miller’s house in New York on his deathbed.

Did Spiro ever get to open a restaurant as he did in The Durrells?

There is no evidence Spiro Amerikanos actually fulfilled his dream of opening a restaurant in Athens as depicted in the show’s final season. The real Spiro likely remained in Corfu operating boats and taxis for tourists after the Durrells departed in 1939. The restaurant story line served as a fitting resolution for the TV character but was fictional.

What was Spiro’s legacy from his time with the Durrells?

While the real Spiro never found later fame and fortune like his fictional counterpart, he left an indelible mark on the Durrells. Spiro Amerikanos’ warmth and support played a big role in helping the family thrive during their crucial first years in Corfu. His imprint surfaced in Gerald Durrell’s memoirs and lives on through the hugely popular TV adaptation. For introducing the Durrells to all the wonders of Corfu, Spiro Amerikanos earned a place in literary history.


The Durrells’ affable friend Spiro – both in the TV show and real life – acted as the family’s guide and anchor during their memorable sojourn in Greece. On the show, Spiro struggled with leaving the Durrells but ultimately found contentment opening a restaurant with his wife in Athens. In actuality, Spiro Amerikanos passed away in Corfu, the island he had shown the Durrells how to love. Though the real Spiro stayed devoted to Corfu, the TV show gave him a fitting send-off. While details varied, both fictional and real-life Spiros remain indelible parts of the Durrells’ epic adventures in Greece.

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