Were Sabito and Makomo Ghosts?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Sabito and Makomo were killed by the Hand Demon before the start of Demon Slayer.
  • According to a fan theory, slain souls cannot move on until avenged.
  • Sabito and Makomo contacted Tanjiro to help free their souls.
  • They were likely lingering spirits, not ghosts.
  • They wanted to assist Tanjiro as Urokodaki’s disciple.


The popular anime and manga series Demon Slayer centers around Tanjiro Kamado’s quest to find a cure for his sister Nezuko after she was turned into a demon. During Tanjiro’s journey, he encounters two mysterious spiritual entities named Sabito and Makomo who aid him in his training to join the Demon Slayer Corps. But who exactly are Sabito and Makomo? Were they ghosts haunting Tanjiro, or something more complex? This comprehensive article will analyze Sabito and Makomo’s origins and nature in depth to definitively evaluate whether or not they were ghosts.

Understanding the background of Sabito and Makomo is essential to unraveling the mystery of their existence. Evaluating fan theories about the fate of souls in the Demon Slayer universe also provides critical context. With these key foundations established, we will methodically assess the evidence regarding their connection to Tanjiro and their motivation in helping him. By thoroughly exploring their abilities, limitations, and interactions, we can reach an informed conclusion on the debate over their status as ghosts versus lingering spirits.

The insights gained will enrich any Demon Slayer fan’s knowledge of Sabito and Makomo’s tragic backstory and extraordinary role in aiding Tanjiro’s quest. Whether you are an avid reader of the manga or a passionate viewer of the anime, this article will elucidate two of the most mystifying supporting characters in the series. Join us as we demystify Sabito and Makomo’s origins and analyze the clues to determine if they truly were ghosts.

What Happened to Sabito and Makomo?

Sabito and Makomo were both killed by the Hand Demon before the events of Demon Slayer ever began. They were disciples of Sakonji Urokodaki, the same Demon Slayer who later trained Tanjiro Kamado. According to Urokodaki’s account, Sabito and Makomo were killed while trying to pass the final test to join the Demon Slayer Corps. This final exam requires disciples to survive for seven days on Sagiri Mountain alone while being hunted by the Hand Demon. Tragically, neither Sabito nor Makomo survived the trial.

The Hand Demon is especially dangerous because he conceals himself perfectly, blending in with the terrain. Sabito and Makomo ultimately fell victim to the Hand Demon’s stealth attacks. However, Makomo lasted four days before being killed, while Sabito survived up to the last day before his death. Their bodies were never recovered since the Hand Demon disintegrated their flesh after killing them. Only their masks remained intact.

Were Sabito and Makomo Ghosts?

The Fate of Slain Souls Fan Theory

A prominent fan theory emerged that may explain why Sabito and Makomo later returned in spiritual form to assist Tanjiro. According to this theory, human souls that are killed by demons are unable to move on to the afterlife. Their souls linger endlessly in the mortal realm until the demon who killed them is slain and their death is avenged.

Only after the demon is destroyed can the souls of its victims finally be freed from their torment and pass on. Sabito and Makomo’s souls would have been trapped after their deaths at the Hand Demon’s hands. This fan theory lines up with Sabito and Makomo’s later interactions with Tanjiro when they urge him to avenge their deaths by killing the Hand Demon who slaughtered them.

Sabito and Makomo Contact Tanjiro to Free Their Souls

When Tanjiro undergoes the same final selection exam on Sagiri Mountain, he is contacted by the spirits of Sabito and Makomo. They appear before him as transparent, masked figures with visible injuries from their fatal encounters with the Hand Demon years before. Both Sabito and Makomo directly ask Tanjiro to kill the Hand Demon in order to finally avenge their deaths.

According to the lingering souls theory, they likely hoped that Tanjiro would be motivated by their tragic deaths to succeed where they had failed and destroy the Hand Demon once and for all. Only by the Hand Demon’s death could Sabito and Makomo’s souls finally be freed from their limbo and move on. Throughout the exam, Sabito and Makomo thus aided Tanjiro in his battle against the Hand Demon by providing advice, warnings, and encouragement. Their guidance was instrumental in ensuring Tanjiro emerged victorious over the demon who had killed them.

Sabito and Makomo Were Lingering Spirits, Not Ghosts

The evidence strongly indicates that Sabito and Makomo were not ghosts in the traditional sense, but rather the lingering spirits of disciples who had died on Sagiri Mountain. Crucially, Sabito and Makomo demonstrated no malicious intent which is commonly associated with vengeful, angry ghosts. They only wished to help Tanjiro survive the exam and free their souls by defeating their killer, the Hand Demon.

In addition, Sabito and Makomo were specifically contacted by Urokodaki through their masks to assist Tanjiro. As Tanjiro’s fellow disciples, their motivation was merely to aid their successor in passing the exam. Sabito even referred to Tanjiro as his “underclassman” and supported him throughout the trial. These factors all point to Sabito and Makomo being benevolent lingering spirits who actively chose to help Tanjiro rather than vengeful ghosts with unfinished business.

Why Did Sabito and Makomo Help Tanjiro?

Aside from wanting freedom for their souls, Sabito and Makomo likely wanted to specifically assist Tanjiro since he was also a disciple of Urokodaki. They understood the grueling trial Tanjiro faced better than anyone, having undergone it themselves years before. Their insider knowledge from failing the final selection exam enabled them to offer tailored advice to maximize Tanjiro’s chances of success.

Having trained under Urokodaki themselves, Sabito and Makomo took a personal interest in helping the next disciple under their late teacher. By aiding Tanjiro, it was almost as if Sabito and Makomo were paying homage to their beloved master’s teachings that had originally equipped them for the exam. They became determined to do all they could to help a fellow student of Urokodaki succeed where they had fallen short.

Major Questions

Was Sabito alive during the Demon Slayer events?

No, Sabito was not alive during the main Demon Slayer story. He was killed by the Hand Demon during the final selection trial several years before Tanjiro underwent the exam. Sabito only appeared as a lingering spirit to help guide and encourage Tanjiro during his test on Sagiri Mountain. His soul remained trapped in the mortal world because the Hand Demon who killed him was never slain.

How did Makomo die in Demon Slayer?

Makomo died during the final selection exam while trying to join the Demon Slayer Corps, just like Sabito. As a disciple of Urokodaki, Makomo attempted the final test on Sagiri Mountain but was ultimately killed by the Hand Demon on the 4th night. The Hand Demon hid perfectly blended into the environment and launched a stealth attack to kill Makomo before she could complete the full 7-day trial.

Were Sabito and Makomo related?

Sabito and Makomo were not related by blood. They did not know each other before training under Urokodaki to become Demon Slayers. However, as fellow students of Urokodaki, they formed a close bond during their instruction in the way of the Demon Slayers. Their relationship was akin to siblings united by their shared goal of passing the final selection exam to join the corps. In death, their bond endured as they both continued trying to help Urokodaki’s newest student, Tanjiro, pass the trial.

Why did Sabito and Makomo wear masks?

All of Urokodaki’s students wore masks to hide their identities and faces from demons during combat. The masks served both a practical and symbolic function. Practically, they prevented demons from identifying the Demon Slayers. Symbolically, they represented the uniform of Urokodaki’s disciples. Sabito and Makomo likely continued wearing their masks in spiritual form to signify their pride as Urokodaki’s students. The masks also concealed the facial wounds inflicted when the Hand Demon killed them.

How did Sabito and Makomo appear to Tanjiro?

When Sabito and Makomo’s spirits contacted Tanjiro during the final selection exam, they appeared somewhat transparent and intangible. Tanjiro could somewhat interact with them, but could not physically touch them. They bore the visible wounds that killed them, like Sabito’s missing arm and Makomo’s scarred neck. Their voices also sounded distant and ethereal, confirming their nature as lingering souls rather than living humans. However, their masks remained intact as symbolic representations of their identity.


In conclusion, the powerful evidence decisively indicates Sabito and Makomo were not literal ghosts haunting Tanjiro during Demon Slayer. Rather, they were likely the lingering souls of Urokodaki’s former disciples who could not pass on until their deaths were avenged. Their sole aim was to help Tanjiro succeed where they had failed and destroy the Hand Demon who had killed them. Due to their wrongful deaths at the Hand Demon’s hands, Sabito and Makomo’s souls remained trapped in the mortal world yet retained their humanity and compassion. This was demonstrated by their benevolent desire to simply aid their late master’s newest student Tanjiro in carrying on their legacy. By thoroughly analyzing their origins, abilities, and motivations, we can conclude Sabito and Makomo were not vengeful ghosts, but helpful lingering spirits whose grace and wisdom manifested even beyond death.

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