Who Is Katie from Marrying Millions Dating Now?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Katie Hamilton rose to fame on the reality show Marrying Millions, where she dated younger man Kolton Pierce.
  • She was previously married to MLB player Josh Hamilton from 2004-2015 and they share 3 kids together.
  • It’s unclear if Katie and Kolton are still dating today, as their relationship status hasn’t been confirmed.
  • Katie has kept her romantic life private since the show aired in 2019.
  • She seems focused on her children and business ventures like her beauty brand.


Marrying Millions was a popular reality show that documented relationships between wealthy individuals and their lower-income romantic partners. One of the standout stars was Katie Hamilton, a successful businesswoman and single mom who found love with a man over 20 years her junior. Their unconventional romance fascinated viewers, who were curious to see if it would last after the cameras stopped rolling.

This article will take a comprehensive look at who Katie from Marrying Millions is dating today. It will provide background on Katie’s previous high-profile marriage to MLB player Josh Hamilton, her relationship with younger boyfriend Kolton Pierce on the show, and explore what her current relationship status is now that she is no longer a reality TV personality. Specifically, it will analyze whether she is still with Kolton or has moved on to date other people privately out of the public eye.

Understanding the complete picture of Katie’s past and present romantic involvements will satisfy the curiosity of Marrying Millions fans who connected with her story. The in-depth content ahead will catch readers up on this beloved reality star’s journey in life and love.

Katie Hamilton’s Background

? Who is Katie Hamilton and what is she known for?

Katie Hamilton is best known for appearing on the reality show Marrying Millions, where she dated Kolton Pierce. However, prior to her time on the show, Katie had already lived quite an extraordinary life. She was previously married for over a decade to MLB player Josh Hamilton, who played for teams like the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels.

Katie and Josh married in 2004 after meeting through mutual friends. During their marriage, Josh became a phenomenal baseball superstar and Katie gave birth to three of their daughters – Michaela, Sierra, and Stella. In 2015, the couple filed for divorce after being married for 11 years.

So when Marrying Millions premiered in 2019, many viewers were stunned to learn about Katie’s opulent lifestyle and see her dating someone new. Her time on the show introduced her to a wider audience beyond just sports fans.

Her Relationship with Ex Josh Hamilton

? What details are known about Katie Hamilton’s previous marriage to Josh Hamilton?

Katie and Josh Hamilton were considered a power couple during his baseball heyday in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Josh was an all-star player who received lucrative contracts, such as a $125 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels. During the height of his career, his net worth soared to an estimated $50 million.

As Josh’s wife, Katie was able to enjoy and raise their daughters in a life of luxury. They lived in a stunning $10 million mansion in Texas during Josh’s tenure playing for the Rangers. He gifted Katie expensive cars, jewelry, and would shower her with other lavish presents.

However, their relationship faced difficulties when Josh relapsed in his sobriety from drug and alcohol addiction on several occasions. He would disappear on drinking binges that strained their marriage. After over a decade together, Katie and Josh divorced in 2015. But their split was not the end of challenges.

In 2017, Katie sued Josh for over $25k per month in child support payments after he allegedly stopped providing for their daughters. Their divorce and custody battle made headlines and shed light on the tumultuous aspects of their relationship the public hadn’t known about.

Her Romance with Kolton Pierce on Marrying Millions

? What details were shown about Katie’s relationship with Kolton Pierce on the reality show Marrying Millions?

Marrying Millions premiered on Lifetime in 2019 and quickly became a hit. One standout storyline featured the romance between Katie and her new boyfriend Kolton Pierce. Katie was 42 years old at the time, while Kolton was only 23, making them nearly 20 years apart in age.

Their relationship immediately fascinated viewers, who got a glimpse into their lavish dates and luxurious lifestyle. Katie would shower Kolton with expensive gifts like a Rolex watch. Meanwhile, Kolton came from more modest means but had big dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

Throughout the first season, cameras captured them navigating challenges due to their age gap and differences in maturity. Katie hoped to marry Kolton one day, but he struggled with the idea of commitment. There were also concerns from Katie’s protective father over Kolton’s intentions.

By the end of Season 1, Katie and Kolton’s future remained uncertain. Katie desired more commitment, while Kolton wanted to take things slowly. Their happiness and chemistry was apparent, but major lifestyle differences posed obstacles.

Analyzing If Katie and Kolton Are Still Together

? What is known about if Katie Hamilton and Kolton Pierce are still dating now, a few years after meeting on Marrying Millions?

After Marrying Millions concluded its first season in 2019, many fans were left wondering if Katie and Kolton stayed together or split up. Unlike some other couples from the show, Katie and Kolton have kept the status of their relationship extremely private over the past few years.

They have not made any public appearances together since the show aired. Katie also refrains from posting any romantic photos with Kolton on her Instagram page, which has over 30,000 followers. This has made it challenging for fans to find any clues about their status.

Some speculate that Katie and Kolton quietly broke up at some point after their season finished filming. Katie seems very focused on her daughters and running her beauty business called “Beauty by Katie Hamilton.” Showcasing her romance is no longer a priority.

However, others point out that just because Katie and Kolton choose not to flaunt their romance publicly doesn’t necessarily mean they split. They may have simply decided to keep their relationship more low-profile moving forward.

Ultimately, whether Katie Hamilton and Kolton Pierce are still an item remains a mystery without confirmation from the former reality star couple themselves. They may have fizzled out shortly after the spotlight faded or could be going strong but avoiding sharing intimate details. For now, only they know their true status.

Katie’s Life and Focus Today

? What is Katie up to now professionally and personally? Does she seem focused on dating?

In the years since appearing on Marrying Millions, Katie Hamilton has returned to living a relatively private life primarily focused on her daughters and business ventures. Professionally, she founded and runs a beauty company called Beauty by Katie Hamilton that offers skincare products and merchandise.

On her social media, Katie often shares photos with her three daughters, who seem to keep her very busy these days. Fans who came to know Katie through the show can see she remains an amazing hands-on mom.

Romantically, there are no signs that dating is a current priority in Katie’s life. Her Instagram does not indicate she has a special someone at the moment. This further lends credence to the theory that her romance with Kolton Pierce ultimately ran its course after Marrying Millions aired.

Rather than dive into the dating scene, Katie seems content dedicating herself to raising her girls and establishing her independence on her own terms. Of course, she may opt to keep a new relationship entirely offline. But for now, she appears to be flying solo and focusing on her own happiness.


? In summary, what are the key takeaways about Katie Hamilton’s past relationships and current love life status today?

  • Katie gained fame through the reality show Marrying Millions, where she dated younger man Kolton Pierce
  • She was previously married for over a decade to MLB star Josh Hamilton until 2015
  • Katie and Kolton’s status after the show is unclear, as they keep their relationship very private
  • Katie primarily uses her platform to showcase family and her beauty business ventures
  • She does not seem to have a new boyfriend based on her social media presence
  • While her dating life is a mystery, Katie looks fulfilled focusing on her kids and career

Katie Hamilton’s journey on Marrying Millions provided great insight into her lavish lifestyle and unconventional relationship with Kolton Pierce. Whether their May-December romance survived outside the spotlight remains unknown. But unequivocally, Katie is thriving as an entrepreneur and dedicated mother. Though her dating status captivates fans, she seems content keeping that aspect of her life private these days.

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