Where to Watch the Darkest Hour? An In-Depth Guide to Streaming and Accessing this Acclaimed Historical Drama

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Key Takeaways:

  • Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and JustWatch are top options for streaming Darkest Hour online.
  • Rental or purchase is available through platforms like Vudu, Redbox, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube.
  • Availability varies based on location and specific streaming subscriptions.
  • Beyond streaming, DVD/Blu-ray and library borrowing are ways to watch Darkest Hour.
  • Free trials for new subscribers to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or other services can provide access.


The Darkest Hour, released in 2017, is an acclaimed historical drama film focusing on a pivotal time in World War II history. Directed by Joe Wright and starring Gary Oldman, it provides a dramatized exploration of Winston Churchill’s early days as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the Second World War.

This comprehensive guide will evaluate the various options and platforms for watching Darkest Hour today. It aims to help readers understand the most accessible methods for streaming, renting, or otherwise viewing this modern cinematic portrayal of Churchill’s heroic yet uncertain first weeks in office. The depth and range of choices covered will enable readers to discover the ideal viewing solution based on their personal preferences, budget, and location.

By outlining both free and paid avenues spanning top streaming services, rental platforms, DVD/Blu-ray, and even local library borrowing, readers will gain expertise in securing access to Darkest Hour. For history buffs, wartime movie fans, or those simply seeking an inspiring drama, this guide provides the definitive roadmap to experiencing this impactful film. Let’s explore the many possibilities for watching one of Gary Oldman’s most celebrated roles.

Where to Watch the Darkest Hour? An In-Depth Guide to Streaming and Accessing this Acclaimed Historical Drama

Where to Stream Darkest Hour Online?

Can I Watch Darkest Hour on Netflix?

Yes, Darkest Hour is currently available for streaming on Netflix. With a standard Netflix subscription, you can instantly watch the movie online through the Netflix website or mobile/smart TV apps. Simply log into your Netflix account and search for “Darkest Hour” to find it in the platform’s movie library.

As a newer release, Darkest Hour may not always be available on Netflix. Movies tend to cycle on and off the streaming giant over time as licensing agreements expire. However, Netflix frequently adds popular and critically acclaimed films like Darkest Hour to refresh its catalogue. As of now, Netflix provides a convenient streaming option for the film.

Is Darkest Hour Available on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is another major streaming home for Darkest Hour. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you get access to Prime Video’s collection of movies and shows at no extra cost. This includes the ability to watch Darkest Hour online through Amazon’s platform.

Simply use the search bar or browse the drama movie selections on Prime Video to find Darkest Hour. As an award-winning hit and popular streaming title, it’s likely to remain in the Prime Video library for the foreseeable future. So an Amazon Prime subscription offers a reliable route to streaming the Winston Churchill biopic.

Can I Watch Darkest Hour on Other Major Streaming Services?

In addition to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Darkest Hour may also become available on other major streaming platforms like Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Disney+, or Apple TV+. Streaming availability can change over time as agreements expire or get renewed.

Your best bet is to check directly with the streaming service through their official website or app to see if Darkest Hour is currently accessible. You can also use a streaming search engine like JustWatch to search across multiple platforms simultaneously.

How Can I Find Where Darkest Hour is Streaming or Available for Purchase?

JustWatch is an invaluable tool for checking availability of movies like Darkest Hour across all the top streaming services and rental platforms. Simply search for the film on JustWatch.com or via the app, and you’ll see everywhere it can be streamed or purchased digitally.

For Darkest Hour, JustWatch currently shows availability for streaming on Amazon Prime Video and BritBox. You can also rent or buy it through Amazon, Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play and other platforms. JustWatch compiles all this streaming and purchasing data in one place, making it easy to evaluate your options.

Renting or Buying Darkest Hour Online

What Platforms Allow You to Rent or Purchase Darkest Hour Digitally?

If you want access to Darkest Hour without a streaming subscription, renting or buying it digitally through VOD platforms is the solution. Top options for online rental or purchase include:

  • Vudu: Rent for $3.99, purchase for $9.99
  • Amazon Video: Rent for $3.99, purchase for $12.99
  • Apple TV: Rent for $3.99, purchase for $12.99
  • Google Play Movies: Rent for $3.99, purchase for $12.99
  • YouTube: Rent for $3.99, purchase for $12.99
  • Microsoft Store: Rent for $3.99, purchase for $12.99

Prices may vary slightly between retailers, but are generally in the $3.99 ballpark for 48-hour rental and around $12.99 to purchase digitally in HD. Once rented, you have 30 days to begin watching.

What Stores Let You Rent or Buy Darkest Hour on Disc?

Beyond digital VOD platforms, you can also rent or purchase physical discs of Darkest Hour from popular movie and electronics retailers. Top options include:

  • Redbox: Rent DVD for around $2 per night from Redbox kiosks or the app.
  • Amazon: Purchase DVD for around $12 or Blu-ray for around $15.
  • Best Buy: Buy DVD, Blu-ray, or 4K Ultra HD disc in-store or online.
  • Walmart: Pick up a DVD, Blu-ray, or 4K copy in-store or order online.

Brick-and-mortar stores like Best Buy and Walmart allow same-day disc pickup, while online orders deliver to your door. And Redbox kiosks are found everywhere, providing 24/7 DVD rental access.

Other Ways to Watch Darkest Hour

Can I Borrow the Darkest Hour DVD from My Local Library?

Don’t rule out your local public library as a free option for borrowing the Darkest Hour DVD. Most library systems carry popular movie titles like Darkest Hour soon after their disc release. You can check your local branch catalogue online to see if they stock copies for lending.

The loan period is typically 1-2 weeks. As long as you return it on time and don’t lose it, there are no fees. With many libraries, you can also renew titles or reserve them online if they are checked out. For a zero-cost way to watch, a library DVD loan makes sense.

Are Free Trials for Streaming Services an Option to Watch Darkest Hour?

If you are considering a streaming subscription specifically to watch Darkest Hour, signing up for a free trial is a smart route. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and most other paid streaming platforms offer 7-30 day free trials for new members.

As long as you remember to cancel before getting charged, this allows temporary access to watch Darkest Hour online for free. Just be sure to verify the movie is available on the given streaming service first. Free trials let you stream or download Darkest Hour risk-free.

Key Factors When Choosing Where to Watch

How Does Location Impact Darkest Hour Viewing Options?

Your geographic location and country will determine which streaming services and rental platforms have access rights to show Darkest Hour. Content licensing restrictions come into play, meaning options can vary significantly across regions.

Always check services available in your country before subscribing. JustWatch is helpful for checking region-specific availability across multiple sites. In some cases, a VPN could potentially bypass regional restrictions when traveling or living abroad.

Do I Need to Compare Streaming Plans and Pricing?

If signing up for a new streaming service, compare subscription plan options and pricing structures. A basic Netflix plan differs from Amazon Prime and Hulu, for example. Factor in free trial lengths and any contract-free cancellation policies.

For one-off rental or purchase, price shop between retailers. Sales and special offers can also cut costs, especially for older releases like Darkest Hour. Find the optimal balance of affordability and convenience based on your circumstances.

What If I’m Seeking Other Wartime and Churchill Films?

Darkest Hour depicts just a short period in Winston Churchill’s life and World War II itself. If seeking more historical films related to Churchill or wartime, your chosen streaming service or rental platform should offer additional relevant titles.

For example, Netflix has Churchill’s Secret, Into the Storm, and The Gathering Storm. Amazon Video offers Churchill, plus WWII movies like Dunkirk, The Imitation Game, and Patton. Pick a service with a broader selection of thematic films.

Get Access to Darkest Hour Today

Darkest Hour brings a gripping chapter of Winston Churchill and World War II history to life through film. With Gary Oldman’s transformative, Oscar-winning performance as Churchill and Joe Wright’s insightful direction, it is a rewarding viewing experience for history and movie fans alike.

Use this guide’s overview of streaming, rental, purchase, library, and free trial options to start watching Darkest Hour via your preferred method. Match viewing accessibility and cost efficiency to your personal needs. For dramatic storytelling and cinematic inspiration, it’s time to witness Churchill’s defining trial by fire as Prime Minister during Britain’s darkest hour.

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