Does Sabrina Die in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

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Key Takeaways

  • Sabrina sacrifices herself to save her friends and the world in the CAOS finale.
  • She ends up in the afterlife with her boyfriend Nick after dying.
  • Some viewers criticized her death as terrible and irresponsible.
  • However, Sabrina later appears in Riverdale and explains witches don’t truly die.
  • Her cameo implies she transformed and came back in some form after dying.


The popular Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina enthralled viewers with its dark and magical world over four seasons. However, many fans were shocked and upset by the series finale, in which the title character seemingly dies in a heroic sacrifice. This tragic ending raised many questions and debates among the show’s devoted audience. Does Sabrina really die at the end? If so, was her death poorly handled or an irresponsible choice by the writers? Or does the ending leave room for Sabrina to return in some form? This article will comprehensively examine Sabrina’s fate in the finale, analyze criticisms of her death, and explore the implications of her cameo in the series Riverdale. Read on to discover the full story behind her controversial demise.

The intent is to provide clarity on the finale’s events, assess whether the criticism was warranted, and illuminate what Sabrina’s later Riverdale appearance could mean about the nature of her death. With in-depth analysis of her sacrifice, the story’s themes, and her character’s mythology, this article will elucidate Sabrina’s convoluted but thought-provoking end. For both disappointed and confused fans, as well as those seeking a deeper understanding, this will serve as an insightful reference on one of television’s most hotly debated character conclusions.

Does Sabrina Die in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

Does Sabrina Die in the CAOS Finale?

Sabrina does in fact die at the end of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series finale, titled “Chapter Thirty-Six: At the Mountains of Madness.” She essentially sacrifices herself to stop the Eldritch Terrors from destroying the world and her loved ones. But how exactly does her climactic death scene play out?

What events lead to Sabrina’s death in the finale?

In the final episodes of CAOS, Sabrina and her friends battle the Eldritch Terrors, ancient entities that threaten humanity. After defeating most of the Terrors, the last one remaining is “The Void,” which aims to trap Sabrina’s world inside itself forever.

To stop The Void, Sabrina retrieves a set of ancient weapons. But she realizes the only way to fully defeat The Void is for her to sacrifice herself. So in the finale’s emotional climax, Sabrina uses the weapons along with a time travel spell to trap herself and The Void inside a paradoxical time loop for eternity.

How does Sabrina sacrifice herself – what happened to her?

In the time loop, Sabrina and The Void essentially cancel each other out. By trapping them both eternally, their existence stretches on forever, paradoxically giving them no existence at all.

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa described it as “…a little bit like a Mobius strip. It’s sort of the end of existence. It’s apotheosis and oblivion at the same time.” So while heroic, Sabrina’s action essentially results in her death, or elimination from existence.

Does Sabrina die and end up in any form of afterlife?

After her sacrifice, Sabrina does appear in what seems to be an afterlife setting. Specifically, she finds herself walking through a foggy train station where she is reunited with her boyfriend, Nicholas “Nick” Scratch.

Nick tells Sabrina this is a liminal space between the mortal world and what lies beyond. He claims Sabrina can either get on a train to move on, or make her way back to the land of the living. Their emotional reunion implies Sabrina did reach an afterlife of some sort before having a chance to return.

So in summary, Sabrina knowingly erases herself from reality in order to save the day. She then appears in a purgatory-like setting with her love Nick, before being given the option to come back or move on. Her noble sacrifice results in her confirmed death.

Was Sabrina’s Death Poorly Handled or Irresponsible?

Despite certainly being impactful, Sabrina’s death was criticized by some viewers as being poorly handled or even irresponsible on the show’s part. But does this criticism hold weight? An analysis of common complaints can determine if the writing did in fact fail Sabrina.

What are the main criticisms about Sabrina’s death?

Many fans on social media and review sites accused the show of the following regarding Sabrina’s demise:

  • Killing her off gratuitously just for shock value
  • Portraying suicide or self-sacrifice irresponsibly
  • Destroying a lead female character to wrap up the story
  • Implying women must sacrifice themselves for others

Did the show fail Sabrina or mishandle her death?

While the frustration is understandable, these criticisms may be more reactionary than fair. The self-sacrifice ties firmly into Salem witch mythology about dying to be reborn. Sabrina knew she would end up in the afterlife with Nick, and later banish The Void permanently. Her actions saved many lives at the cost of just her individual existence. She did not truly commit irreversible suicide without hope of return.

The show spent time emphasizing Sabrina’s willingness to be selfless and risk herself for others throughout the series. So her sacrifice felt earned rather than unmotivated. She also was far from destroyed, getting not just a heroic end but also love in the afterlife while retaining the chance to come back.

Rather than dark implications, her fate aligned with themes of salvation through sacrifice. With mythological context and thoughtful writing, her ending honored her character arc. So accusations of irresponsibility may unjustly diagnose the finale as harmful when it was likely not intended as such.

Does Sabrina’s death sending a problematic message?

Given analysis of the story context, Sabrina’s fate arguably does not promote toxic tropes. Her sacrifice represents taking on a burden to protect others when she cannot ask it of others. As a witch, her temporary death and afterlife are not as permanent as for mortals either.

With Nick waiting for her and the suggestion she can return, plus the lack of full annihilation, her death does not imply women must be destroyed for others or commit true suicide. Mythological resonance and heroic themes instead indicate her end was purposeful rather than detrimental messaging.

What Does Sabrina’s Riverdale Cameo Imply?

While Sabrina’s death in CAOS initially appears permanent, her later cameo in the show Riverdale hints that the character lives on in some capacity. What does this guest appearance reveal about her fate?

How does Sabrina return in Riverdale?

In the Riverdale episode “Chapter Ninety-Nine: The Witches of Riverdale,” Sabrina appears to help Cheryl Blossom during a witch-related plotline. She introduces herself as “Sabrina Spellman, Riverdale’s own witch.”

Sabrina directly references the events of CAOS, mentioning she “had [her] own infernal adventures in the town of Greendale” before dying and then being resurrected. She describes it as “there is no death for witches, only transformation.”

What does Sabrina’s cameo imply about her fate?

Sabrina’s Riverdale cameo strongly implies her death in CAOS was only a transformation into another form rather than a permanent end. Her matter-of-fact statement that “I died and came back” supports the idea that as a witch, she can resurrect herself.

This likely means her soul returned from the afterlife train station and she reformed physically. Her Riverdale role certainly demonstrates Sabrina continues existing in some capacity.

Does the cameo undo her dramatic death scene?

Some fans argued Sabrina popping up in Riverdale makes her poignant sacrifice feel cheapened and meaningless. But another interpretation is that the two appearances complement each other. Sabrina’s CAOS death can still be impactful while her Riverdale cameo adds context about the magical rules of her world.

Rather than undoing her finale, this guest spot adds deeper mythology. Witches seem able to die and resurrect, so Sabrina’s death was likely not a permanent end. Her return ties into witch lore instead of just an audacious reversal.

In summary, Sabrina’s Riverdale cameo implies her death was only a transitional transformation rather than a finite conclusion. This appearance does not have to detract from her sacrifice’s power, instead expanding knowledge of how death works for witches. She remains deceased in her own series, while giving fans hope she lives on.


Sabrina undergoes a consequential sacrifice in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina finale, essentially dying to trap a great evil in a time loop. Her soul appears in the afterlife before having a chance of returning to life. Some viewers criticized this death as mishandled or problematic. But analysis reveals her end actually honors her arc and Salem mythology. A later cameo in Riverdale hints that Sabrina endures past her sacrifice, transformed but not permanently gone.

While divisive, Sabrina’s fate allows her to reach the bittersweet ending every hero wishes for: Victory at the cost of themselves, but not all they love. Her journey resonates as both heroic tale and witch parable. Sabrina’s chilling yet poignant adventure illustrates how even in fantasy, saving the day demands a price. But for witches like Sabrina, death is but the start of their next haunting story.

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