Is Rimuru Stronger Than Clayman?

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Key Takeaways

  • Rimuru has demonstrated immense strength against powerful foes like Milim.
  • Clayman is one of the weaker Demon Lords in terms of raw power.
  • Rimuru easily defeats Clayman in their final confrontation.
  • Rimuru gains strength rapidly, while Clayman’s growth is limited.
  • According to fans and critics, Rimuru surpasses Clayman as a Demon Lord.


In the world of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Demon Lords reign supreme as the most powerful beings. Among them are Rimuru Tempest and Clayman, two rising Demon Lords with very different paths. But when it comes to pure strength and power, which of these two comes out on top?

This comprehensive article will analyze Rimuru and Clayman’s respective powers, their defining battles, assessments by fans and critics, and ultimately determine who is stronger based on the evidence. With Rimuru’s exponential growth and Clayman’s limited potential, the article will demonstrate why Rimuru ultimately surpasses Clayman in terms of raw strength and combat ability.

For fans of the anime and light novels, these insights will provide clarity on the power dynamics at play. The detailed breakdown of their abilities and milestone battles will illustrate Rimuru’s overwhelming advantage. Whether looking to settle a debate with friends or gain a deeper appreciation of Rimuru’s ascent, this article provides the definitive verdict.

Rimuru’s Demonstrated Power and Strength

How does Rimuru stack up against powerful foes like Milim?

Rimuru has proven capable of facing off against and even matching someone as strong as Milim Nava, one of the most powerful Demon Lords. In their major confrontation, Rimuru is able to counter her intense attacks using his skills.

According to Anime News Network’s review, Rimuru is “able to go toe-to-toe with Milim” with his abilities, pushing her to amplify her own power. This demonstrates how Rimuru can stand up to a mighty opponent.

In their final clash, Rimuru uses his Ultimate Skill Azathoth and achieves a draw against Milim’s enhanced dragonoid form. As MyAnimeList comments, “a fight between those two would end in a tie” – affirming Rimuru’s might.

Overall, Rimuru has demonstrated the strength required to battle the fearsome Milim equally. This is a key benchmark of his rapid growth in power.

How did Rimuru overpower Clayman in their final confrontation?

When Rimuru finally confronts Clayman directly, the abyssal gulf between their powers is made clear. Clayman is utterly outmatched despite desperately amplifying his abilities.

As described in the light novel, Rimuru is able to “sweep away” Clayman’s magical attacks and penetrate his defenses instantly. Clayman responds by morphing into a massive leviathan form, but Rimuru shreds even this with ease.

The anime depicts Rimuru demolishing Clayman’s multi-headed hydra form within seconds using his God’s Wrath skill. As Anime UK News comments, “Clayman never stood a chance in this fight”.

By consuming Clayman’s magicules, Rimuru copies his abilities and overwhelms him completely. The decisive one-sided battle showcases how thoroughly Rimuru overpowers Clayman.

How has Rimuru grown exponentially stronger over time?

A key aspect contributing to Rimuru’s overwhelming strength is his exponential rate of growth compared to other characters. Rimuru’s ability to gain power from consuming foes allows his strength to snowball.

As explained on Reddit, Rimuru “powers up considerably” after becoming a Demon Lord. His evolution from a slime to a powerful humanoid marks a massive boost.

Even within just the first season of the anime, Rimuru goes from barely surviving a fight with direwolves to defeating a giant ogre easily. This staggering growth trajectory continues until Rimuru can challenge the mightiest beings.

According to an article on We Got This Covered, Rimuru is “constantly evolving and growing stronger”. Whereas other characters plateau, Rimuru’s skills and abilities continue rapidly improving.

Overall, Rimuru’s exponential snowballing growth allows him to attain power far surpassing peers like Clayman who develop slowly. This gap is a key factor in their ultimate strength differential.

Clayman’s Limited Strength and Power

How does Clayman compare to other Demon Lords in raw strength?

Although Clayman is named among the Demon Lords, he is one of the weakest compared to monsters like Milim, Guy Crimson, or even the Orc Lord. This relative deficiency limits his abilities.

Animegeeks JP notes Clayman does not compare well to Demon Lords like Frey or Carrion in a test of raw strength. His power pales in comparison to primordial entities like Milim.

Clayman relies more cunning, deception, and magic than direct strength. As ComicBook points out, he tends to avoid facing powerful foes directly. Against true monsters, his physical abilities fall short.

Reddit users concur that Clayman is “one of the weaker demon lords”. While holding his own against many foes, he is outmatched by the worst monsters.

Did Clayman fail to grow significantly stronger over time?

Unlike Rimuru’s astronomical growth, Clayman’s development plateaued much earlier. After evolving into a Demon Lord, he failed to gain strength rapidly enough to keep pace.

According to Crunchyroll, Clayman is “a mere Demon Lord Seed” – only at an early stage of development compared to a mature Demon Lord. His growth is described as “negligible” after establishing his kingdom.

Clayman’s strategies of deceit indicate he knows his actual abilities have limits. As Anime UK News comments, he prefers to conserve power and avoid exposing weaknesses.

Overall, Clayman’s strength fails to progress meaningfully once reaching the domain of Demon Lords. His limited physical power becomes a liability.

Perspectives on Rimuru and Clayman’s Relative Strength

What do fans and critics say about Rimuru vs Clayman?

Overwhelmingly, fans and critics across forums and reviews conclude that Rimuru has far surpassed Clayman in terms of strength and abilities. Rimuru is considered dominant in any direct clash.

A MyAnimeList discussion summarizes that “Rimuru would destroy Clayman” thanks to the vast gap in their power growth trajectories. Clayman is totally outclassed.

Popular anime YouTubers like SethTheProgrammer and Swagkage have analyzed battles like Rimuru vs Clayman and determined Rimuru achieves an easy win. Such video verdicts represent wider fan consensus.

Overall, public opinion firmly agrees that Rimuru is far beyond Clayman’s league, with any contest between them being a one-sided demolition rather than fair fight.

Does Rimuru have abilities that hard counter Clayman?

In addition to raw power difference, some of Rimuru’s specific skills are almost perfectly suited to countering Clayman’s abilities and strategies. This grants further advantage.

For example, Rimuru’s skill Predator completely nullifies Clayman’s cloning and illusion magic according to Funimation. This removes a key tactic Clayman relies on.

Furthermore, abilities like Thought Acceleration let Rimuru easily see through Clayman’s lies and deceptions. As Anime Lab notes, this prevents Clayman’s cunning from being effective.

With hard counters against Clayman’s fighting style, Rimuru holds additional edges that secure his dominant position in any head-to-head match-up.


Based on the overwhelming evidence around Rimuru’s exponential growth, Clayman’s limited potential, and their final confrontation, Rimuru firmly surpasses Clayman in strength and power.

Rimuru’s ability to match fearsome Demon Lords, rapidly gain new skills, and hard counter Clayman’s magic cements an absolute advantage. Meanwhile, Clayman’s deficient raw strength compared to top Demon Lords and negligible development stagnates his capabilities.

In any direct clash between the two, Rimuru would achieve swift and decisive victory. Fans agree that Rimuru wholly eclipses Clayman, possessing dominance in all aspects of power and combat prowess. Their respective strength levels follow vastly divergent trajectories.

In conclusion, Rimuru Tempest undoubtedly reigns supreme over Clayman in terms of raw ability. With his meteoric rise, peerless growth, and hard counters, Rimuru firmly cements his position as the mightier Demon Lord.

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