Is Pelli Choopulu Dubbed in Hindi?

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Pelli Choopulu is a 2016 Indian Telugu-language romantic comedy film written and directed by Tharun Bhascker and produced by Raj Kandukuri and Yash Rangineni. The film stars Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma in the lead roles.

An Overview of Pelli Choopulu

Released on 29 July 2016, Pelli Choopulu emerged as one of the most successful and critically acclaimed Telugu films of recent times. The plot revolves around Prashanth, an unemployed young graduate played by Vijay Deverakonda, who is pressured by his parents to either start earning or agree to an arranged marriage.

The Lead Characters

Prashanth is an educated yet directionless young man living in Hyderabad. Despite having an MBA degree, he struggles to find a stable job and depends on his father for financial support. Prashanth’s laidback attitude towards life frequently aggravates his parents, who want him to settle down and get married.

The female lead of the film is Chitra, portrayed by Ritu Varma. An aspiring chef, Chitra constantly clashes with her boss at the hotel she works at due to their creative differences. She dreams of starting her own food business someday.

Chance Meeting Leads to Business Partnership

Fate brings Prashanth and Chitra together through a chance encounter at a wedding. After initial friction, the two discover their complementary skillsets. While Prashanth has the business knowledge to establish an enterprise, Chitra has culinary expertise.

Thus, the two decide to become business partners and open a food truck together. However, they must race against time and overcome multiple obstacles to turn their vision into reality.

Critical and Commercial Success

Upon release, Pelli Choopulu received effusive praise from critics and audiences alike. The lead cast’s performances, cinematography, screenplay, and fresh take on romance were singled out for acclaim.

The film was lauded for portraying its male and female protagonists as ambitious go-getters, breaking away from conventional gender stereotypes. Both Prashanth and Chitra were appreciated as progressive characters written with depth.

Commercially too, Pelli Choopulu exceeded expectations by earning over ₹20 crore against a modest budget of ₹2.5 crore. The sleeper hit catapulted Vijay Deverakonda to stardom. The runaway success established director Tharun Bhascker as a promising new voice in Telugu cinema.

Was Pelli Choopulu Dubbed into Hindi?

Given the immense popularity and critical acclaim garnered by Pelli Choopulu, many viewers wonder if the hit rom-com was eventually dubbed into Hindi to reach a wider national audience.

No Direct Hindi Dub

As per available information, Pelli Choopulu has not received an official Hindi dubbed version as yet. The original Telugu film appears to have been released only in its original language with English subtitles.

A Hindi dub of Pelli Choopulu does not seem to be available on streaming platforms like YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. either.

However, a Hindi Remake Does Exist

In 2018, two years after Pelli Choopulu’s release, a Hindi remake titled Mitron was produced by Viacom18 Motion Pictures. The remake was directed by Nitin Kakkar and featured Jackky Bhagnani and Kritika Kamra in the lead roles originally played by Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma.

The screenplay was adapted to suit North Indian sensibilities by writer Sharad Tripathi. While the essence of the original story and characters was retained, the setting was moved from Hyderabad to Chandigarh and Lucknow.

Moderate Success of the Hindi Remake

Unfortunately, the Hindi remake Mitron did not replicate the success of Pelli Choopulu. Upon release, Mitron received mixed reviews with many critics arguing it failed to capture the fresh charm of the original.

Commercially too, Mitron had an underwhelming performance at the box office. Made on a budget of ₹12 crore, the Hindi remake managed to earn only ₹7 crore.

What Led to Pelli Choopulu’s Widespread Popularity?

Pelli Choopulu emerged as one of the biggest sleeper hits and game-changers of Telugu cinema in the 2010s. What led this low-budget romantic comedy with newcomers to resonate with critics and audiences alike?

Unique and Progressive Lead Characters

One of Pelli Choopulu’s biggest strengths was its lead pair. Both Prashanth and Chitra came across as well-etched, real individuals. Their ambitions, struggles and personalities struck a chord with contemporary youngsters.

Neither character conformed to typical gender stereotypes of Telugu films. Prashanth was not the macho hero while Chitra was not just a pretty face. The story was as much about Chitra’s dreams as Prashanth’s.

Fresh and Realistic Portrayal of Romance

Unlike most commercial Telugu films, Pelli Choopulu offered a realistic and subtle take on romantic relationships. There were no over-the-top proposal scenes or duets between the leads.

Prashanth and Chitra’s romance blossomed organically through their shared struggles of establishing a start-up. Critics praised how their relationship evolved based on mutual respect and support.

Universal Themes of Ambition and Fulfillment

While Pelli Choopulu’s premise was unique, its exploration of ambition, purpose, and human relationships was universal. Prashanth’s lack of direction despite his MBA degree will ring true for many educated youths struggling with expectations.

Similarly, Chitra’s passion for cooking and desire to run her own food business struck a chord across gender and age groups. Pelli Choopulu reminded audiences that it is never too late to recognize one’s talents and lead a meaningful life.

Why Didn’t Pelli Choopulu Get Dubbed in Hindi?

Despite being one of Tollywood’s most acclaimed films of 2016, why didn’t Pelli Choopulu get directly dubbed in Hindi for a pan-India release? There are a few factors at play.

Lack of Mainstream Appeal

For a small Telugu film like Pelli Choopulu, Hindi dubbing and release would have required substantial investment. Distributors may have felt the film’s experimental nature made its mainstream appeal uncertain.

Pelli Choopulu did not have the typical masala elements or larger-than-life heroism that Hindi mass audiences may be used to. So distributors opted for a safer limited Telugu release.

The Film’s Regional Roots

Another hurdle for Hindi dubbing was Pelli Choopulu’s intrinsically Telugu setting and characters. Prashanth’s Hyderabadi lingo, the Telugu wedding setup, and culturally-specific references would be difficult to retain in a Hindi dub.

Distributors likely felt retaining the film’s original flavor would be preferable to risking subpar dubbing. This was ultimately also the reason why the Hindi remake fared poorly.

The Lead Stars Were Not Bankable Names Then

When Pelli Choopulu released, Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma were complete newcomers without proven marketability across languages. So producers hesitated to spend heavily to dub and market the film in Hindi.

Had the leads been established Tollywood stars, Hindi dubbing may have been considered. But in 2016, Vijay and Ritu’s potential pan-India appeal was unproven.

The Eventual Hindi Remake Route

Rather than directly dubbing Pelli Choopulu, the makers and producers chose to tap the Hindi market via a more localized remake.

While the remake Mitron didn’t take off as expected, it was likely the safer option commercially compared to high-investment dubbing of a regional film with rookie leads.

Pelli Choopulu’s Impact on Vijay Deverakonda’s Career

While Pelli Choopulu did not get dubbed into Hindi, its gigantic success had career-defining impact for its lead star Vijay Deverakonda.

His Breakthrough Role

Pelli Choopulu proved to be Vijay Deverakonda’s huge career breakthrough. Film analysts believe Vijay’s portrayal of the directionless but well-meaning Prashanth is one of his most earnest acting performances.

The depth Vijay brought to Prashanth’s character earned him widespread acclaim. Critics called Vijay the film’s heart and soul.

Transition to Leading Man

Despite minor roles in a few previous Telugu films, Pelli Choopulu established Vijay Deverakonda as a bonafide leading man.

He proved his acting chops could shoulder an entire film targeting metro audiences. The film also marked the start of Vijay’s association with director Tharun Bhascker.

Pan-India Recognition

While not directly released in Hindi, Pelli Choopulu did earn Vijay recognition across India. He won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor (Telugu) for his performance.

The buzz around Vijay’s acting and intense onscreen persona spread beyond the Telugu states. It set the stage for his eventual superstardom.

Built His experimental Actor Image

While later films cemented his mass hero image, Pelli Choopulu proved Vijay was willing to experiment with offbeat roles. Prashanth was quite removed from Vijay’s subsequent “rowdy” heroes.

Pelli Choopulu highlighted Vijay was not afraid to play flawed and unconventional characters. This acting range contributed greatly to his rise.

The Foundation for Superstardom

Vijay Deverakonda’s career trajectory changed entirely post-Pelli Choopulu. His very next release Arjun Reddy catapulted him to superstardom across India.

But Pelli Choopulu laid the strong foundation by proving Vijay’s talent as a versatile actor and not just a routine commercial hero. It remains a milestone in his career graph.

The Lasting Appeal of Pelli Choopulu

More than half a decade since its premiere, why does Pelli Choopulu remain one of the most beloved Telugu films of recent times?

Memorable Lead Performances

Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma brought Prashanth and Chitra to life beautifully through their earnest, nuanced performances. Their onscreen pairing remains a major highlight.

Relatable and Progressive Characters

The lead pair’s personalities, ambitions, and struggles as young middle-class Indians continue to resonate with audiences. Their progressive, non-conventional portrayal was a welcome change.

Simple yet Powerful Storytelling

Pelli Choopulu proves grand budgets and larger-than-life antics are not necessary for great storytelling. Its realistic plot exploring everyday dreams was delivered masterfully.

Cult Status for Prashanth’s Character

Vijay’s Prashanth became a cult symbol of aimless urban youngsters pressured to conform to traditions. His mannerisms, style, and Hyderabadi lingo gained iconic popularity.

Launch of Promising New Talent

The success made director Tharun Bhascker, producer Raj Kandukuri, and its lead pair prominent names to watch out for in Telugu cinema. They represent Pelli Choopulu’s lasting legacy.


On the whole, while Pelli Choopulu never received a direct Hindi dubbed version, the sleeper hit romantic comedy still made a lasting impact. The film emerged as a new-age classic that propelled Vijay Deverakonda to stardom.

Its progressive lead pair, relatable storytelling, and deft direction by Tharun Bhascker dazzled critics and audiences alike. Pelli Choopulu’s pan-India popularity paved the way for Deverakonda’s subsequent rise as a bankable star.

Though unavailable in Hindi, Pelli Choopulu’s widespread acclaim and enduring appeal prove language is no barrier to creative and heartfelt cinema. The film will be fondly remembered as a turning point for Vijay Deverakonda and as one of Tollywood’s most memorable rom-coms.

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