Does Dante Kill Siddiq?

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Key Takeaways

  • Siddiq was an important doctor in Alexandria on The Walking Dead
  • Dante was revealed to be a Whisperer infiltrator in Alexandria
  • Dante strangled Siddiq to death after being found out
  • Siddiq’s death was impactful for the Alexandria community
  • The Whisperers continued to be a deadly threat even from within Alexandria


The Walking Dead TV series has featured no shortage of shocking and tragic character deaths over its 10 seasons. One of the most impactful losses was that of Siddiq, Alexandria’s chief medical officer. His murder at the hands of Dante, who had infiltrated the community as a spy for the Whisperers, represented a major blow. This brutal killing raised many questions for viewers, specifically – does Dante kill Siddiq?

This article will provide a comprehensive account of Siddiq’s death, Dante’s sinister motives, and the consequences of this gut-wrenching betrayal. With crucial background details, an in-depth sequence of events, and analysis of the fallout, readers will gain a full understanding of this heartbreaking twist. The immense significance of Siddiq’s death for Alexandria will also be explored.

For devoted fans of The Walking Dead, a thorough examination of this tragic loss provides closure, insight, and appreciation for the show’s emotional storytelling. The drama surrounding Dante’s deception and Siddiq’s murder illustrates the constant danger posed by the Whisperers. Learning the full story behind this harrowing episode further enriches viewer investment and understanding.

The Lead-Up to Siddiq’s Death

To appreciate the significance of Siddiq’s death, it is important to understand his background and role in Alexandria. Some key details on Siddiq’s character include:

  • He was introduced in Season 8 and was a compassionate, moral voice in the community
  • As a trained medical doctor, he became Alexandria’s chief doctor after Enid’s death
  • He was in a romantic relationship with Rosita and fathered her child
  • Siddiq suffered from PTSD after witnessing traumatic events

In Season 10 of The Walking Dead, the Alexandria community was embroiled in a conflict with the menacing faction known as the Whisperers. Unbeknownst to the Alexandrians, the Whisperers had planted one of their own, Dante, amongst the community as an infiltrating spy.

Dante slowly gained the group’s trust by posing as an affable former resident of Oceanside named Alex. He was even appointed as Siddiq’s medical partner to help treat the ill and dying. But in truth, Dante was subtly sabotaging Alexandria’s efforts and poisoning their water in coordination with Alpha’s plans.

The Sequence of Events Leading to Siddiq’s Murder

After months of deception, Dante’s cover was finally blown when he was caught poisoning the community’s water. Enraged at being found out, Dante attacked and tried to kill Siddiq. The critical sequence of events was as follows:

  • Siddiq uncovered Dante contaminating Alexandria’s water with walker parts
  • Dante revealed himself as an infiltrator for the Whisperers and confirmed he had been sabotaging them
  • Dante attempted to kill Siddiq to protect his identity
  • A struggle ensued between them in the medical tent with Dante ultimately gaining the upper hand
  • Dante tackled Siddiq and began to strangle him to death with a garrote
  • Despite trying to resist, Siddiq ultimately succumbed to being choked and died at Dante’s hands

Thus, in a shocking betrayal, the Whisperers succeeded in killing Alexandria’s trusted doctor through an inside man. Dante eliminated Siddiq to prevent his scheme from being further exposed.

Why Did Dante Kill Siddiq?

Dante’s motives for murdering Siddiq stemmed from his role as an undercover Whisperer tasked with sabotaging Alexandria. Once Siddiq caught Dante contaminating the water supply, Dante knew his cover would be blown. Some key reasons why Dante killed Siddiq include:

  • To silence Siddiq before he could reveal Dante as a Whisperer spy
  • To remove Alexandria’s head doctor and create chaos in the community
  • To prevent any further intelligence about the Whisperers’ plans from being leaked
  • To protect his own identity and avoid being killed as an infiltrator
  • To follow through on Alpha’s orders even if his cover was blown

By killing Siddiq, Dante protected himself while dealing a major blow to Alexandria by removing their compassionate, capable doctor. He was able to fulfill his Whisperer mission up until the very end.

The Aftermath and Impact of Siddiq’s Death

Siddiq’s horrific death had significant emotional and practical consequences for Alexandria at a vulnerable point during the Whisperer conflict:

  • Rosita was devastated at losing her lover and the father of her baby
  • The community lost its only trained medical doctor, endangering future care
  • Siddiq’s mental health struggles and PTSD were worsened by Dante’s betrayal
  • Alexandria was shaken by the realization a Whisperer spy had infiltrated them successfully
  • Trust was broken between residents after Dante had lived there for months undetected
  • The Whisperers continued their psychological warfare even from within Alexandria’s walls

In the episodes following Siddiq’s murder, his loss was deeply felt. Rosita fell into depression and the community struggled to provide medical aid without a doctor. Siddiq’s death demonstrated just how insidious and far-reaching the Whisperers’ manipulation was. Even Alexandria’s leadership core was not immune from their schemes.


In conclusion, Dante did ultimately kill Siddiq after being revealed as an embedded Whisperer operative. By strangling Siddiq, Dante protected his identity but also eliminated one of Alexandria’s most compassionate leaders. This shocking murder left the community reeling emotionally and strategically. Siddiq’s loss demonstrated the deadly threat posed by Whisperers externally and from infiltrators within. The full sequence of Siddiq’s tragic death provides insight into the complex dynamics between Alexandria and the Whisperers. Revisiting this harrowing moment deepens appreciation for the high stakes in The Walking Dead.

FAQs About Siddiq’s Death

What episode does Dante kill Siddiq?

Dante kills Siddiq in Season 10, Episode 7 of The Walking Dead titled “Open Your Eyes”. The murder occurs towards the end after Dante’s sabotage is uncovered.

How did Siddiq realize Dante was a Whisperer?

Siddiq realized Dante was a Whisperer when he caught him deliberately contaminating Alexandria’s water with severed walker parts. This contamination had led to a spike in illnesses, making Siddiq suspicious.

Did Dante kill Cheryl too?

Yes, it is revealed that Dante also killed an Alexandrian named Cheryl to further sabotage the community’s medical operations. Along with Siddiq, Dante killed innocents to create chaos.

Was Siddiq’s death in the comics?

No, Siddiq’s death does not occur in the comics. He is still alive as of the most recent comic issues, showing the TV show took liberties in killing him off.

Why did they kill off Siddiq in the show?

Showrunner Angela Kang stated they killed Siddiq to portray the Whisperers’ ruthlessness and chaos. His death also focused the conflict more personally on core characters like Daryl and Carol.

Did Rosita get revenge on Dante?

Yes, immediately after discovering Siddiq’s corpse, a devastated Rosita executes Dante with a gunshot to the head. She avenges Siddiq’s murder.

Who took over the infirmary after Siddiq?

After Siddiq’s death, medical care in Alexandria became severely limited. But Eugene stepped up and taught himself basic doctor skills to fill the void.

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