How Much Does It Cost to Scotchgard a Sofa?

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It’s no secret that spills and stains are inevitable when it comes to owning a sofa. Whether it’s from your children, pets, or simply everyday use – at some point, your sofa is going to need a little TLC.

One of the best ways to protect your sofa (and your investment) is by Scotchgarding it. This will create an invisible barrier between your sofa and any potential spills or stains.

But how much does it cost to Scotchgard a sofa? And is it worth the investment?

In this detailed guide, we’ll answer all of your questions about Scotchgarding your sofa – including the cost, benefits, and process.

What is Scotchgard?

Scotchgard is a waterproofing spray that is applied to the fabric to create a barrier against spills and stains. It is often used on furniture, clothing, and carpets.

When applied correctly, Scotchgard will repel water and oil-based spills. This will give you more time to clean up the spill before it has a chance to set in and cause permanent damage.

Scotchgard is also useful for protecting against dirt, dust, and grime. By creating an invisible barrier on the surface of your sofa, you can help to keep it looking newer for longer.

What are the benefits of Scotchgard?

The main benefit of Scotchgard is that it will protect your sofa from spills and stains. But there are other benefits as well, including:

● It’s easy to apply

You can easily spray Scotchgard onto your sofa yourself – there’s no need to hire a professional.

● It’s affordable

A can of Scotchgard is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of professional cleaning or replacing your sofa entirely.

● It prolongs the life of your sofa

By protecting your sofa from spills and stains, you can help it last longer. This will save you money in the long run as you won’t need to replace your sofa as often.

● It’s invisible

Once Scotchgard dries, it is completely invisible. This means that it won’t change the look or feel of your sofa in any way.

What is the process of Scotchgard?

Applying Scotchgard to your sofa is a quick and easy process. Simply follow these steps:

1. Vacuum your sofa

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt, dust, or debris from the surface of your sofa. This will help the Scotchgard to adhere better.

2. Test a small area

Before applying Scotchgard to your entire sofa, it’s important to test it in a small area first. This will help you to make sure that you’re happy with the results.

3. Apply Scotchgard

Once you’re happy with the test area, you can begin applying Scotchgard to your sofa. Simply hold the can 6-8 inches away from the surface and spray evenly.

4. Allow to dry

Leave your sofa to dry for at least 30 minutes before using it again.

How much does it cost to Scotchgard a sofa?

The cost of Scotchgarding your sofa will vary depending on a few factors, including the size of your sofa and the type of fabric. Generally speaking, the average cost to Scotchgard a sofa is between $100 and $200.

Is Scotchgarding Your Sofa Worth the Investment?

Yes, Scotchgarding your sofa is definitely worth the investment! Not only will it protect your sofa from spills and stains, but it will also prolong the lifespan of your furniture.

Plus, Scotchgard is relatively inexpensive – especially when you compare it to the cost of replacing your sofa altogether.

So, if you’re looking for a way to protect your investment and keep your sofa looking new for longer, Scotchgarding is the way to go!

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