Does Costco Sell Pickleball Paddles?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Costco sells a variety of pickleball paddle options both online and in select warehouse locations.
  • Popular brands like Selkirk and Wilson pickleball paddles and sets are available at Costco.
  • Costco offers bundles and kits that include paddles, balls, and nets for convenience.
  • Pricing for pickleball gear at Costco is very affordable compared to other retailers.
  • Pickleball paddles sold at Costco span beginner to intermediate skill levels.


Pickleball’s exponential growth in popularity has led to an influx of retailers carrying gear for the sport. With its competitive pricing and mass-market appeal, many wonder if Costco sells pickleball paddles and equipment. This article will provide a comprehensive overview answering the question “Does Costco sell pickleball paddles?”. We’ll evaluate the pickleball products available from Costco both online and in warehouses.

Gaining an understanding of Costco’s pickleball offerings allows you to take advantage of value pricing on quality gear. For both beginners just starting out as well as experienced players looking for budget-friendly paddles and accessories, knowledge of Costco’s inventory is invaluable. The information below will detail the main brands, bundles, and kits you can find at Costco. Additionally, we’ll look at pricing and skill levels suited for Costco’s pickleball gear.

With the details provided in this article, you’ll discover how Costco can be a go-to source for affordable and beginner-friendly pickleball equipment. The availability of paddles, balls, nets, and bundled sets makes Costco a convenient one-stop shop. Keep reading to learn what pickleball products shoppers can find on Costco’s website and warehouse shelves.

What Pickleball Gear Does Costco Offer?

Costco provides a small but solid selection of pickleball paddles and sets covering needs for both beginners and intermediate players. While their inventory doesn’t match the depth of dedicated pickleball retailers, top brands like Selkirk and Wilson are represented. Here are the main pickleball products available from Costco:

  • Selkirk Latitude Pickleball Paddle Bundles – These bundles include two Selkirk Latitude composite paddles along with indoor/outdoor balls and an outdoor carry bag. Costco offers this in a 2-paddle and 4-paddle bundle.
  • Selkirk SLK Latitude 2.0 Pickleball Bundle – This set comes with two Latitude 2.0 paddles made with Selkirk’s FiberFlex technology along with balls and a carry case. It’s a step up from the standard Latitude bundle.
  • Wilson Pickleball Set – Wilson’s graphite paddle set includes 4 paddles, balls, and an outdoor net for a complete starter kit.
  • Selkirk Beginner Pickleball Set – This basic set from Selkirk has two low-cost paddles, balls, and an indoor carry bag. It’s now available at select Costco warehouses.

In addition to these pre-configured bundle and kits, Costco also sells items like pickleball nets and balls individually. So players can mix and match components to customize their perfect pickleball setup.

Are Costco Pickleball Paddles Available Online or In-Store?

Costco offers a better selection of pickleball gear through their website compared to in-warehouse offerings. On, all of the Selkirk and Wilson paddle sets and bundles listed above are available to order online. In contrast, in-store offerings are more limited.

Currently, the only pickleball paddle product carried widely across Costco warehouses is the Selkirk Beginner Pickleball Set. This value-focused bundle with two entry-level paddles, balls, and a bag retails for $49.99 in-warehouse. Availability began in Fall 2022 at over 550 US Costco locations.

The broader range of pickleball paddle sets and bundles from brands like Selkirk and Wilson are primarily available on Costco’s website. Although select warehouses may carry other items, the online store represents the full selection. One advantage of ordering online is Costco’s generous return policy applying to all purchases.

How Do Costco Pickleball Paddle Prices Compare?

Costco is able to offer pickleball paddles and sets at extremely competitive pricing compared to other retailers. For example, the Selkirk Latitude 2-paddle bundle lists for $79.99 on Buying these same two paddles and accessories from Selkirk directly would cost over $140.

Likewise, the Wilson 4-paddle graphite set plus net sells for $199.99 at Costco. Wilson doesn’t offer this bundle on their own site, but total MSRP for individual pieces would be over $300. Similar savings are seen across Costco’s pickleball gear lineup.

Bulk purchasing power and a low-margin business model allow Costco to pass dramatic savings to shoppers. For budget-minded pickleball players or anyone buying gear for camps, schools, or recreation centers, these lower prices are highly attractive.

What Skill Levels Are Costco Pickleball Paddles Suited For?

The pickleball paddle options from top brands carried at Costco primarily cover beginner to intermediate needs. Choices like the Selkirk Latitude and SLK Latitude 2.0 are composite paddles with decent touch and control for developing players. Wilson’s graphite paddles also fit into the beginner to intermediate category.

The recently launched Selkirk Beginner set has basic wooden paddles suitable for introduction to pickleball or recreational play. At the higher end, the SLK Latitude 2.0 approaches the level of an advanced paddle but not top-tier professional quality gear.

In summary, Costco paddle offerings are squarely targeted at casual players and those progressing in the beginner and intermediate skill brackets. Advanced players seeking ultra high-end paddles with cutting edge materials and precision engineering would need to look to specialty retailers. But for most recreational and amateur competitors, Costco has appealing options.

What Pickleball Paddle Brands are Available at Costco?

Currently, Selkirk and Wilson are the main pickleball paddle brands offered at Costco locations and online. Both companies are established names known for quality gear at reasonable price points.

Selkirk is one of the leading pickleball paddle companies thanks to their innovative use of proprietary composites and weight tuning systems. Their Latitude and SLK Latitude 2.0 models offered at Costco provide excellent touch and control for developing skill levels. Selkirk also offers entry-level wooden paddles like those in the Beginner set.

Wilson has decades of experience crafting paddles and rackets for various sports. They translate this expertise into their pickleball paddle designs featuring durable graphite faces and comfortable grips. Their Performance line carried at Costco maintains Wilson’s tradition of value and performance.

While household names like Selkirk and Wilson dominate current offerings, Costco may expand brands in the future as pickleball’s popularity grows. But for now, these two manufacturers provide quality gear for a range of player skill levels.

What Pickleball Paddle Sets and Bundles Does Costco Offer?

For added value and convenience, Costco focuses heavily on pickleball paddle sets and bundled packages. These kits integrate paddles, balls, nets, and carrying cases without the hassle of piecing items together. Here are some of the top pre-packaged pickleball deals shoppers can find at Costco:

  • Selkirk Latitude Pickleball Paddle Bundle – Comes with 2 Latitude paddles, 2 indoor/outdoor balls, and an outdoor carry bag. Offered in 2 and 4 paddle configurations.
  • Selkirk SLK Latitude 2.0 Pickleball Bundle – Step-up bundle has 2 Latitude 2.0 paddles, 4 indoor/outdoor balls, and carry case.
  • Wilson Pickleball Set – Complete starter kit with 4 graphite paddles, 3 balls, portable net, and bag.
  • Selkirk Beginner Pickleball Set – Entry-level bundle with 2 wooden paddles, 4 indoor balls, and basic carry bag.
  • Onix Pickleball Starter Kit – Their basic pickleball set has 2 paddles, 3 balls, and an indoor/outdoor carry bag.

Bundles eliminate the challenge of finding compatible paddles, balls, nets, and other gear to build a set. Costco’s affordable pickleball packages have everything you need in one box.

Does Costco Offer Other Pickleball Accessories?

In addition to paddles and paddle sets, Costco shoppers can round out their pickleball gear bag with balls, nets, and other accessories:

  • Balls – Options include Dura Fast 40 outdoor balls or Gamma Classic indoor/outdoor balls sold in multipacks.
  • Nets – Full-sized portable nets from brands like Latitude or Celia+Mario available.
  • Bags – Find indoor and outdoor paddle bags from Gamma Sports.
  • Gift Cards – Costco sells pickleball-themed gift cards for easy presents.

With necessities like nets, balls, and carry bags, players can supplement a Costco paddle purchase with anything else needed for play. Convenient one-stop shopping makes gearing up simple.

Final Takeaways

Costco affords pickleball players the opportunity to save money on quality paddles, bundle kits, and accessories from leading brands. While selection is focused on beginner and intermediate needs, offerings from Wilson, Selkirk and others represent outstanding value. For casual and recreational players, Costco has become a reliable source for budget-friendly pickleball gear.

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