How to Replace the Door Handle on a Ford F250

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The door handle on your Ford F250 is one of the most frequently used parts of your truck. After years of pulling, twisting, and gripping, door handles can wear out or break. When this happens, you’ll need to replace the door handle to restore full function to your F250’s doors. Replacing a door handle on an F250 is a straightforward job you can do yourself in an afternoon with some basic tools.

When to Replace Your Ford F250’s Door Handle

There are a few signs that indicate it’s time to replace your F250’s door handle:

  • The handle feels loose or wiggly when you pull on it
  • You have to wiggle or jimmy the handle to get the door to latch closed
  • The handle gets stuck in the open or closed position
  • The handle has lots of play and feels like it could break off

If your door handle exhibits any of these symptoms, it’s time to swap it out for a new one. Driving with a faulty door handle can be a safety hazard if the door unexpectedly opens while you’re driving. Replacing the handle promptly ensures your door functions properly.

Ford F250 Door Handle Replacement Parts

You’ll need the following supplies to replace a door handle on an F250:

  • New door handle specific to your truck – Handles are side-specific, so make sure you get a driver or passenger side handle. Power vs. manual handles are also different.
  • Door panel removal tools – These specialized plastic tools pop the clips and pry up the door panel. Don’t use screwdrivers and risk scratching things.
  • Screwdrivers – For removing screws that hold parts of the door panel and handle in place.
  • Needlenose pliers – Helpful for disconnecting wiring clips and snapping pieces together.
  • Protective gloves – Leather gloves protect your hands from sharp metal edges.

Shop for F250 door handles on trusted aftermarket sites for the best prices on replacement parts. Your Ford dealer also stocks OEM handles if you prefer factory parts.

How to Remove the Door Panel on an F250

Replacing most door handles requires taking off the interior door panel first to access the back side of the handle and latch mechanism. Here are the steps to remove a door panel on an F250:

1. Take Off the Door Handle and Controls

  • Pry off any covers around the door handle with a small screwdriver.
  • Remove the screws behind these covers with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Carefully pry the door handle up and off the panel.
  • Disconnect any wiring or linkages connecting the handle to the components inside the door.
  • Remove any screw covers and screws around the power window/lock switches and remove these controls.
  • Unplug any electrical connectors to these switches.

2. Remove the Door Panel Retaining Clips and Screws

  • Use a screwdriver to pop up and remove any plastic screw covers around the edges of the door panel.
  • Remove the exposed Phillips screws with a screwdriver.
  • Tip: Wrap the screwdriver tip with tape to avoid scratching the paint if you slip.
  • Wedge your door panel removal tools or a plastic putty knife into the gaps around the panel to pop out any retaining clips.
  • Work your way around the entire door panel in this fashion to release all the clips.

3. Lift Off the Door Panel

  • Once all the clips and screws are out, carefully lift the panel up and off the door.
  • Maneuver it around the interior door handle opening as you remove it.
  • Disconnect any remaining wiring connectors as needed so you can fully remove the panel.

Lay the door panel on a clean surface and get ready to remove the old handle mechanism.

How to Remove the Door Handle on an F250

With the door panel off, you now have access to remove the handle and latch mechanism on the inside of the door:

1. Remove Mounting Hardware

  • Remove any Torx or Phillips head bolts still holding the door handle or latch assembly to the door frame.
  • There may also be mounting studs or nuts to take off.

2. Disconnect Linkages and Cables

  • The latch release cable or rod connects the handle you pull to the latch that opens the door. Detach this from the handle lever.
  • Detach any lock linkage that runs between the door handle and lock cylinder.

3. Remove the Handle and Latch Assembly

  • Maneuver the handle unit out through the access hole in the door panel.
  • Some twisting and turning may be needed to dislodge the entire unit.
  • Make sure no cables or wires are still connected before fully removing the assembly.

Now you’re ready to install the new door handle.

Installing a New Door Handle on a Ford F250

Installation of the new handle is the reverse of taking the old one out:

1. Insert the New Handle Assembly into the Door

  • Feed the handle unit back into the access hole and position it correctly in the door.

2. Reattach Linkages and Cables

  • Clip the latch release cable back onto the handle lever. Make sure it moves smoothly when you operate the handle.
  • Reconnect the lock linkage between the handle and lock cylinder.

3. Bolt the Handle Assembly In Place

  • Insert any mounting studs into their holes and reinstall nuts to hold it firmly in place.
  • Replace any Torx or Phillips bolts and tighten them down. Don’t overtighten.

4. Test the Handle Operation

  • From inside the truck, pull the handle open and closed a few times.
  • Make sure the latch engages fully and the handle returns to the resting position smoothly.

5. Replace the Door Panel

  • Set the door panel back into place over the handle opening.
  • Reconnect any electrical connectors for the switches and power accessories.
  • Press the retaining clips back into their slots around the edges.
  • Replace all the Phillips screws and screw covers.
  • Finally, reinstall the door handle trim piece and controls like lock and window switches.

Troubleshooting Ford F250 Door Handle Problems

If your newly replaced F250 door handle still isn’t working right, a few troubleshooting tips can help get it fixed:

  • Handle feels loose – Check that all mounting bolts are tightened down properly. Also inspect latch linkage for damage.
  • Door won’t latch closed – Linkage rods may need adjustment or realignment if out of position. Latch mechanism may be worn and need replacement.
  • Power locks or windows inoperative – Make sure all electrical connectors are snapped in fully and wires aren’t damaged.
  • Handle sticks or binds – Apply lubricant to release cables and pivot points. Adjust cables so they move freely without binding.

Replacing a worn out, sticking, or broken door handle is an important repair to keep your F250 driving safely and comfortably. With some basic tools and mechanical skills, you can swap a bad handle out for a new one right in your own garage. If any issues come up, don’t hesitate to enlist a professional for assistance to get your new handle working just right.

Frequently Asked Questions About Replacing Ford F250 Door Handles

Here are answers to some common questions about replacing door handles on Ford F250 trucks:

How much does it cost to replace an F250 door handle?

A new aftermarket door handle costs $15-$50 depending on the style. Add another $15-$30 for a professional install if you pay a mechanic. OEM handles from Ford are $75-$150.

How long does it take to replace a door handle?

With some DIY experience, plan on 1-2 hours for the job. Removing the door panel takes the most time. The actual handle swap only takes 15-20 minutes.

Can I replace just the outside or inside handle?

In most cases, no – the inner and outer handles are part of one integrated assembly that has to be replaced together. The exception is some power lock handles with separate in and out pieces.

What tools do I need to replace an F250 door handle?

You’ll need basic hand tools like screwdrivers, pliers, trim removal tools, and wrenches or sockets. No specialty auto tools are required.

How do I stop my door handle from sticking?

Sticking is usually caused by worn latch linkages or lack of lubrication. Try lubricating pivot points first. If that doesn’t fix it, replace worn cables, rods, and bushings.

Why won’t my power locks work after replacing the handle?

Make sure all electrical connectors are fully engaged. Inspect wires for any breaks or damage. If the wiring is good, the problem may be a bad power lock switch or motor.

Do I need to replace both handles at the same time?

No, you can just replace the individual handle that’s having problems. But if both are worn, replacing them together avoids doing the job twice down the road.

Replacing worn out door handles is a quick DIY job that can save hundreds over paying a mechanic. With basic tools and these step-by-step instructions, you can get your F250’s handles working smoothly again.

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