How to Use EcoBoost on Ford F150? An In-Depth Guide

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Key Takeaways:

  • Eco Mode optimizes efficiency and reduces fuel consumption by analyzing driving habits.
  • Activate Eco Mode by pressing the “Drive Mode” or “Mode” button and cycling to Eco Mode.
  • In Eco Mode, maintain steady speeds, avoid aggressive driving, and anticipate traffic to maximize efficiency.
  • Check your owner’s manual for model-specific instructions on using EcoBoost and Eco Mode.
  • Proper maintenance and tire inflation are key for getting the most out of Eco Mode.


The EcoBoost engine technology that Ford offers on its F-150 pickup trucks provides powerful turbocharged performance along with improved fuel efficiency. But to get the most out of the EcoBoost’s fuel-sipping capabilities requires using a special driving mode called Eco Mode. This mode adjusts the vehicle’s settings to prioritize efficiency over performance.

This comprehensive guide will walk through everything you need to know to effectively utilize Eco Mode on your Ford F-150. We’ll explain what Eco Mode is, how to activate it, tips for driving in it, and key information to keep in mind based on your specific F-150 model and trim. With the insights provided here, you’ll be able to confidently use your truck’s EcoBoost engine to maximize mpgs and savings at the pump.

Understanding how to leverage your F-150’s Eco Mode can lead to significant fuel savings over time. This guide provides actionable steps and expert driving tips so you can optimize your truck’s efficiency on every trip. Keep reading to become adept at using one of the most valuable capabilities of your EcoBoost-equipped Ford F-150.

What Is Eco Mode and How Does It Work?

Eco Mode is a selectable driving mode that alters the vehicle’s performance to prioritize fuel efficiency over power or responsiveness. It’s designed to optimize the truck’s mpg by analyzing and adapting to your driving style and habits.

When Eco Mode is activated, the F-150’s computer continually monitors parameters like your speed, acceleration, braking, and how long your trips are. Based on this data, it makes subtle changes to transmission shift points, throttle response, and other systems. This helps smooth out aggressive driving tendencies and streamline efficiency.

For example, Eco Mode upshifts to higher gears sooner to keep rpm lower. It also recalibrates the gas pedal so acceleration is softer, discouraging rapid speed increases that guzzle gas. The truck will even learn your common routes and make adjustments based on that data. All these changes are imperceptible to most drivers but contribute to measurably better fuel economy over time.

So in essence, Eco Mode takes an active role in modifying your F-150’s driving dynamics to naturally improve mpgs, using knowledge of your behavior patterns to optimize for efficiency over performance.

How to Activate Eco Mode in Your Ford F-150

The specific steps required to enable Eco Mode will vary depending on your F-150’s model year and trim level. However, here is the general process to activate it on most models:

Locate the “Drive Mode” or “Mode” button on your dashboard or center console. It may be accompanied by an image of a knob or the word “Eco.”

Press this button to cycle through the available drive modes. For newer F-150 models these may include Normal, Sport, Tow/Haul, Eco, and Slippery. For older trucks, the options are typically just Normal and Eco.

Keep pressing the toggle until Eco Mode is selected. You may get a confirmation message on your instrument cluster or center display. The truck is now in Eco Mode and will adjust settings to maximize fuel efficiency.

Note that Eco Mode is deactivated when you manually select another drive mode like Sport or Tow/Haul. It will also disengage if you turn off the engine. You need to reactivate Eco Mode each driving cycle for it to maximize mpg benefits.

Top Tips for Driving in Eco Mode

Once you’ve enabled Eco Mode, you can further optimize its fuel-saving capabilities by adjusting your driving style. Here are some key tips to remember while driving in Eco Mode:

  • Maintain steady speeds and avoid rapid acceleration. Eco Mode is continually working to smooth out your driving, so aggressive gas pedal inputs will erode efficiency gains. Accelerating moderately helps it keep rpms low.
  • Anticipate traffic patterns ahead of time. Look far down the road and ease off the throttle to gently slow down well before stops. This gives Eco Mode a chance to optimize gear changes and braking for efficiency.
  • Don’t overload or tow with the truck unless necessary. Extra weight strains the engine, decreasing Eco Mode’s opportunity to maximize mpgs. Remove unneeded cargo and avoid towing in Eco when possible.
  • Perform regular maintenance according to Ford’s schedule. Things like air filters, spark plugs, oxygen sensors, and lubricants affect efficiency. Proper upkeep lets Eco Mode optimize performance.
  • Check tire pressures frequently and inflate to recommended psi levels. Underinflated tires increase rolling resistance which forces the engine to work harder, reducing potential fuel savings.

Following these tips will help you change engrained driving habits that may counteract the benefits of Eco Mode. With some practice, the techniques will become second nature. You’ll get the most from Eco Mode while saving money on gas over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Eco Mode on a Ford F-150

To further help drivers understand and properly utilize their truck’s fuel-saving Eco Mode, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does Eco Mode reduce engine power or performance?

Eco Mode results in slightly less responsive throttle input and acceleration. However, the performance impact is minimal and likely imperceptible to most drivers under normal conditions. Power for passing or trailering is still readily available when needed.

How much can Eco Mode improve gas mileage?

Savings will vary based on driving style and conditions, but many drivers report Eco Mode improving mpg by 3-5mpg in mixed driving, with potential for even greater gains from modifying driving habits. Over a truck’s lifetime the fuel savings can be significant.

Does Eco Mode work better on shorter or longer trips?

Eco Mode actually optimizes best over longer drives. It takes some time driving to fully analyze habits and make appropriate adjustments. Short around-town trips offer less opportunity for Eco Mode to enact meaningful changes.

Should I use Eco Mode when trailering or hauling?

Using Eco Mode with max towing or heavy payloads is not recommended, as it may overly constrain engine power and performance needed to handle the extra load. It’s best reserved for everyday light-duty driving.

Does Eco Mode increase the F-150’s maintenance needs?

No, Eco Mode places no additional wear or stress on the engine or drivetrain. It simply optimizes things like shifts points through computer controls rather than physical changes. Just follow Ford’s normal maintenance schedule.

Getting the Most from Your F-150 EcoBoost

As this guide has shown, fully capitalizing on the potential fuel savings from your Ford F-150’s EcoBoost engine requires proper use of Eco Mode tailored to your specific truck. Keep the following points in mind:

  • Check your owner’s manual for details on activating Eco Mode in your trim level and model year F-150. The specific steps can vary between vehicles.
  • When first using Eco Mode, consciously avoid aggressive driving tendencies and modify your habits over time. This gives Eco Mode the chance to maximize efficiencies.
  • Perform scheduled maintenance, monitor tire pressures, remove excess weight and avoid heavy towing for ideal Eco Mode gains. Supportive care optimizes its capabilities.
  • Combine Eco Mode driving with other tips like avoiding excessive idling, planning efficient routes and moderating your speed for exponential benefits.

Learning to properly leverage the Eco Mode available in your Ford F-150 takes some education and commitment. But with the knowledge provided in this comprehensive guide, you now have all the tools needed to utilize this valuable feature in your truck and save money at the pump. Just driving moderately and avoiding aggressive habits will let Eco Mode work its magic.

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