Where Is Jack Hayford Now?

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Key Takeaways

  • Jack Hayford passed away on January 8, 2023 at age 88
  • He was a prominent pastor and author within the Pentecostal church
  • Hayford served as longtime pastor of Church on the Way and president of Foursquare Church
  • He wrote over 500 praise and worship songs including “Majesty”
  • Hayford is survived by his wife, 4 children, and an influential ministry legacy


Where Is Jack Hayford Now?

Where is Jack Hayford now? This is a question many may be asking after the recent passing of this influential Pentecostal pastor and author. Jack Hayford, who died on January 8th, 2023 at the age of 88, left behind an enduring legacy within the church world. Over his decades of ministry, Hayford impacted countless lives through his preaching, writing, and music. His absence leaves a void, but his ministry continues to inspire and equip Christians around the globe.

This article will take a comprehensive look at the life, ministry, and legacy of Jack Hayford. It will evaluate his background and upbringing, trace his pastoral leadership and denominational influence, analyze his biblical teachings and theological views, assess his musical gifts and songwriting, and reflect on his family and relationships. The article aims to provide a thorough perspective on this remarkable faith leader and where his impact stands today after his passing. With so much attributed to Hayford, this evaluation hopes to paint a thoughtful portrait of the man, the minister, the music-maker, and the leader.

For any who knew Jack Hayford or were influenced by his ministry, his death prompts personal questions of legacy and loss. This article intends to honor Hayford’s memory by chronicling his contributions to the church as well as highlighting how his influence continues even now after his death. The breadth of his impact became evident through the outpouring of tributes upon the news of his passing. By comprehensively examining his life’s work, this article provides valuable understanding of Hayford’s lasting influence.

Jack Hayford’s Background and Upbringing

Where did Jack Hayford come from and what early experiences shaped his future ministry? Evaluating his origins provides insight into the man he became.

How did Jack Hayford grow up?

Jack Hayford was born on June 25, 1934 in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in a loving family who attended an Assemblies of God church. His father worked multiple jobs to support the family during the difficult Depression years. This upbringing instilled the values of hard work and integrity in Hayford from a young age. Family and faith provided the foundation for his life.

What formal education did Hayford pursue?

After attending Los Angeles Baptist High School and Biola College, Hayford went on to earn his graduate degree in pastoral studies from Azusa Pacific University in 1964. This education prepared him well for a future career in ministry. He learned biblical languages like Greek and Hebrew and studied theology and preaching.

How did Hayford get involved in ministry?

Even before completing his pastoral degree, Hayford entered full-time ministry in 1956 at Calvary Church of Santa Ana. He served as associate pastor alongside Rev. Ray Hendrickson who became his mentor. When Hendrickson relocated in 1969, the congregation elected Hayford as senior pastor of Calvary at just age 34.

Jack Hayford’s Pastoral Leadership

Over the next five decades, Jack Hayford would go on to become one of the most prominent and influential Pentecostal pastors of his era. His leadership significantly impacted his congregation and denomination.

Where did Jack Hayford serve as pastor?

Hayford pastored Calvary Church of Santa Ana until he moved to Van Nuys, California in 1969. There he took on the pastorate of the small congregation called Church on the Way. Under his leadership for the next 30 years, the church grew to over 10,000 members becoming one of America’s largest and most influential churches.

How did Hayford grow Church on the Way?

As senior pastor, Hayford focused on biblical teaching and the power of the Holy Spirit. His charismatic style drew large crowds hungry for an intimate worship experience. The church expanded to multiple services, satellite campuses, and worldwide outreach. Hayford developed other leaders who planted churches modeled after Church on the Way.

What leadership roles did Hayford hold?

In addition to pastoring Church on the Way until 1999, Hayford served as president of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel from 2004-2009. This Pentecostal denomination founded by Aimee Semple McPherson has over 8 million members worldwide. Hayford provided visionary leadership to the Foursquare Church during his presidency.

Jack Hayford’s Biblical Teaching and Theology

At the core of Jack Hayford’s effective leadership was his passion for biblical literacy and Spirit-empowered living. His teaching reshaped many people’s understanding of the Christian faith.

What were some key themes in Hayford’s teaching?

  • The Kingdom of God – God’s sovereign realm and reign
  • The Holy Spirit – empowering believers with spiritual gifts
  • Healing – Christ’s ministry to the whole person
  • Worship – heartfelt intimacy with God
  • Biblical literacy – reading and applying Scripture

Hayford emphasized relational theology focused on connecting with God’s heart through the Holy Spirit.

What theological traditions influenced Hayford?

While pastor of Church on the Way, he led the congregation to become one of the first Pentecostal “seeker churches” targeting unchurched people. Though non-denominational, the church maintained Pentecostal beliefs like baptism of the Holy Spirit. Hayford also integrated insights from evangelicalism, charismatic renewal, and Third Wave concepts.

Did Hayford spark any theological controversies?

Some evangelical critics accused Hayford of doctrinal errors, but he largely avoided major controversy. He did contribute to debates about the role of spiritual gifts, the prosperity gospel, and end times theology. Overall, Hayford represented a centrist voice within the Pentecostal tradition.

Jack Hayford’s Musical Gifts and Songwriting

In addition to his preaching and leadership, Jack Hayford made a significant impact through his musical talents and Spirit-filled songwriting.

How did music feature in Hayford’s ministry?

Hayford released over 50 albums of Christian music featuring praise choruses and worship songs he wrote. His rich baritone voice and skilled piano playing drew people into God’s presence during worship services. He founded numerous music ministries including the Church on the Way’s Living Sound label and Music for the Master conferences.

What noteworthy songs did Jack Hayford compose?

Among his 500+ published songs, Hayford’s best known are:

  • “Majesty” – 1977 worship anthem sung worldwide
  • “Holy” – Regarded as a modern hymn
  • “The Heart of Worship” – Inspired by his wife Anna
  • “Lord, You’re Beautiful” – Popular praise song
  • “You Are My Hiding Place” – Drawn from Psalm 32

Hayford composed songs ranging from simple choruses to complex compositions that remain impactful today.

In what ways were Hayford’s songs significant?

His music helped shape contemporary worship in the church at large. Choruses like “Majesty” and “Lord, You’re Beautiful” emerged during the Jesus Movement and became foundational praise songs. Hayford’s hymns and richly meaningful lyrics emphasized intimacy with Christ. His repertoire has been covered by Chris Tomlin, Kathryn Scott, Paul Baloche and other artists.

Jack Hayford’s Family and Relationships

While known for his public ministry, Jack Hayford placed a high priority on his family and personal relationships which anchored him throughout his career.

Who made up Jack Hayford’s family?

Hayford married Anna Gulliksen in 1958. They were married for 30 years until her death in 1989, raising their four children: Rebecca, John, Mark, and Christa. In 1991 Hayford remarried pianist Valarie Stonebreaker with whom he spent his late years. He considered his family his most cherished ministry.

How did Hayford invest in mentoring leaders?

From his base at Church on the Way, Hayford launched The King’s University and The King’s Seminary to train Pentecostal leaders. He directly mentored hundreds of young ministers over the decades who became prominent pastors, authors and ministers themselves, extending Hayford’s influence.

What passions occupied Hayford outside church ministry?

Hayford was an avid sports fan who especially loved golf, basketball, and baseball. He authored over 50 books on leadership, theology, worship and spirituality. His book “The Beauty of Spiritual Language” encouraged Christians to practice praying and singing in tongues. Even in his late 80s, Hayford blogged and maintained an active online ministry.

Jack Hayford’s Lasting Legacy

While Jack Hayford himself is no longer with us, the legacy he leaves behind continues to make an impact around the world. His enduring influence can be seen in numerous ways.

How has Hayford shaped the church at large?

Through his pastoring, writing, music, and leadership development, Hayford helped steer the church toward more intimate and Spirit-led worship. His teachings on grace, healing, and applying biblical principles examined topics many Christians wrestle with. Hayford’s innovative church models influenced thousands of congregations.

In what ways did Hayford impact Pentecostalism?

Within his own Foursquare denomination, Hayford championed church renewal and planted Spirit-filled churches even in his late 80s. His openness to listen to the Holy Spirit expanded Pentecostal experience. Globally, Hayford encouraged unity and cooperation across denominational lines.

What is Hayford’s ongoing musical influence?

Modern worship music continues to be shaped by Jack Hayford’s songs. Their poetic lyrics and worshipful themes make them classics sung in churches worldwide. Hayford proved that theology when matched to beautiful music connects powerfully. His writings on worship remain influential.

How is Hayford’s legacy preserved today?

Though Hayford passed away in early 2023, his ministry continues through:

  • Materials available at jackhayford.org
  • Leadership development via The King’s University
  • Church on the Way with daughter Christa as pastor
  • The Foursquare Church advancing Hayford’s vision
  • Recordings, books, and resources equipping future leaders

Jack Hayford may be gone, but the impact of how he modeled Jesus resonates on.


In answering where Jack Hayford is now after his recent passing in early 2023, this article has shown his enduring legacy continues to shape the church he loved and served. Hayford’s background prepared him for a long, fruitful ministry career marked by church growth, theological influence, inspirational music, and leadership development. While the loss of this spiritual giant saddened many, the contributions he made over eight decades continue speaking today. Hayford’s devotion to intimate worship, biblical integrity, and Spirit-empowered living provides an example for leaders rising up after him. Those touched by Hayford’s ministry can be comforted that its best aspects persist and will echo through future generations yet to be impacted.

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