Where Is Creature Comforts Beer Sold??

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Key Takeaways:

  • Creature Comforts beer is available at bars, restaurants, and beer stores in select states.
  • Online beer delivery services like Drizly allow you to order Creature Comforts beer for home delivery in certain areas.
  • Legal restrictions prohibit Creature Comforts from directly selling and shipping beer to all customers in the U.S.
  • Availability of specific Creature Comforts beers varies by location based on distribution agreements.
  • Checking the Creature Comforts beer finder can help locate their beer near you.


Craft beer enthusiasts are always on the hunt for new and exciting brews to try. For many, Creature Comforts has become a highly sought-after name in exceptional beer. Based in Athens, Georgia, Creature Comforts has earned widespread acclaim for their rotating selection of IPAs, stouts, sours, and more. However, with distribution limitations, Creature Comforts beer can’t be found everywhere. So where can you actually buy Creature Comforts beer?

This comprehensive guide will analyze and evaluate where you can find and purchase beer from Creature Comforts Brewing Company. We’ll cover all the details on bars, restaurants, bottle shops, online delivery services, and more that carry these coveted craft brews. You’ll also learn key factors that determine availability in different areas. By the end, you’ll have all the info needed to locate and enjoy the remarkable beers of Creature Comforts no matter where you are. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the distribution footprint and legal landscape is essential context for figuring out where you can buy Creature Comforts beer. As we explore the specific options and resources for finding their brews, this background will shed light on why availability varies in different parts of the country. Equipped with this knowledge, beer aficionados will be well-positioned to enjoy the fruits of Creature Comforts’ brewing artistry.

Where Can I Buy Creature Comforts Beer Locally?

Where Is Creature Comforts Beer Sold??

Can I Find Creature Comforts Beer on Tap at Bars and Restaurants Near Me?

Going out for drinks at local bars, pubs, and restaurants is a great way to sample Creature Comforts beer without having to travel to the source in Georgia. Thanks to distribution deals and beer finder services, you can locate establishments pouring Creature Comforts brews on draft relatively close to home in many parts of the country.

Availability will depend on your state and specific city, as the brand’s footprint continues expanding. For example, Creature Comforts began distributing to bars and restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee starting in 2020. Likewise, consumers in Charleston, South Carolina gained access that year.

Often, establishments advertising craft beer flights or extensive draft lists will carry specialty brands like Creature Comforts alongside national names. Checking draft lists online in advance can confirm if a restaurant or bar near you serves Creature Comforts on tap before you even visit. Overall, bars and eateries represent a convenient way to try fresh Creature Comforts beer straight from the tap without traveling too far.

What Local Beer Stores and Bottle Shops Sell Creature Comforts Beer?

In addition to bars and eateries, many beer aficionados look to specialty bottle shops and craft beer stores to purchase bottled and canned brews from coveted brands like Creature Comforts. These retailers cater to craft beer fanatics and stock hard-to-find or limited-release beers that you won’t come across in major grocery chains.

Depending on distribution agreements in your state, some of these local beer purveyors likely carry various packaged Creature Comforts products. For example, celebrated brews like Athena, Tropicalia, and Bibo can often be purchased at bottle shop locations within the brewery’s distribution footprint. Certain bottle shops may even get limited exclusive runs of specialty Creature Comforts beers.

Beer finder tools can identify bottle shops near you that stock Creature Comforts beer for purchase and takeout. You can also call or check the inventory lists of nearby specialty craft beer stores. This allows you to locate delicious Creature Comforts brews to enjoy later without ever leaving your neighborhood.

Can I Order Creature Comforts Beer for Delivery to My Home?

Does Drizly or Other Beer Delivery Services Bring Creature Comforts to My Door?

One convenient way to get your hands on Creature Comforts beer without visiting stores or bars is through beer delivery apps and websites. Drizly is perhaps the most popular, providing on-demand delivery of beer, wine, and liquor with just a few taps on your smartphone.

If you live in an area served by Drizly where Creature Comforts distributes, you can easily order from a wide selection of their beers for delivery to your doorstep in under 60 minutes. Just plug in your address to see availability near you. Other alcohol delivery services like Saucey, Minibar, and GoPuff may also carry Creature Comforts brews for home delivery in select markets.

This approach makes enjoying sought-after craft beer from Creature Comforts accessible without ever leaving your home (as long as you’re within their distribution network). So check your address on Drizly or related services to see if Creature Comforts delivery is available in your neighborhood.

Can I Buy Creature Comforts Beer Directly from Their Website?

Unfortunately, Creature Comforts cannot legally ship beer directly to customers in all parts of the country due to regulations on interstate alcohol sales. Certain states do permit breweries to ship limited quantities of beer directly to residents, but Georgia where Creature Comforts is based does not allow this.

So at this time, the brewery cannot take online orders for beer and ship to customers across the U.S. Purchasing directly from their website is restricted to merchandise, apparel, and glassware only. Beer enthusiasts must find Creature Comforts through stores, bars, and delivery services operating legally within their jurisdiction. But exploring these various local options makes their beer accessible to fans across a growing footprint.

What Dictates Where I Can Find Creature Comforts Beers?

How Does Their Distribution Network Affect Beer Availability?

The availability of Creature Comforts beer in any given area depends on their specific distribution agreements within that state or region. The brewery has partnered with selected wholesalers and distributors to bring their beer to retailers across a multi-state footprint. So access follows the path of their distribution network.

For example, Creature Comforts beer can be found throughout their home state of Georgia. Fans can also find beers like Athena and Tropicalia in several southeastern states where distribution extends, including Tennessee, Alabama, and the Carolinas. However, states outside of Creature Comforts’ active distribution area do not receive shipments.

So unfortunately, those hoping to locate Creature Comforts in California or New York will come up empty for now. But the brewery continues partnering with distributors to carry their award-winning beers into new markets and states over time.

Why Are Only Certain Beers Available in My Area?

Another factor shaping local availability is that Creature Comforts distributes only a select assortment of their beers in each state. Not all of their acclaimed brews make it to every market. For example, Athens, Georgia establishments may offer exclusive small-batch beers that are brewed solely for local taprooms.

Flagship beers like Tropicalia and Athena are most likely to show up in their larger distribution footprint. Seasonals like Bibo and Galactic Space Circus see slightly more limited release. Keeping up with Creature Comforts’ new beer announcements can provide insights into which brews are coming soon to your state.

This targeted approach allows Creature Comforts to focus on meeting demand for their most popular brews in each region. So the exact selection available will align with local preferences. Checking beer finder tools for your location provides the best indication of which specific Creature Comforts beers are accessible near you.

Useful Resources for Locating Creature Comforts Beer

Should I Use the Creature Comforts Beer Finder?

One of the best tools for locating Creature Comforts beer anywhere their brews are distributed is the official beer finder on their website. By inputting your location, it generates a list of all bars, restaurants, stores, and other accounts in your vicinity that carry Creature Comforts beer, and which specific brews each one offers.

This allows you to see at a glance all the avenues for sampling Creature Comforts near you. The beer finder compiles real-time inventory data from their distributors in each state. So it provides an up-to-date directory to ensure you can find where to enjoy beers like Athena or Tropicalia in your neighborhood.

Are There Other Beer Tracking Tools I Can Use?

In addition to the brewery’s own beer finder, several other online tools exist for locating where to buy craft beers from coveted breweries. Websites and apps like SeekABrew, TapHunter, and Untappd use crowd-sourced databases to track the availability of different beers across bars, restaurants, and stores.

Users can check these resources to discover establishments serving Creature Comforts or see where their beers are stocked for retail purchase. While not as comprehensive as the brewery’s targeted beer finder, these sites give beer aficionados additional help locating hard-to-find craft brews.

Key Takeaways: Reviewing Where to Access Creature Comforts Beer

  • At local bars and restaurants in their distribution network – check draft lists
  • Specialty bottle shops and craft beer stores in areas they distribute to
  • Delivery services like Drizly for home delivery in eligible regions
  • Use Creature Comforts beer finder for updated local purchasing options
  • Availability depends on distribution footprint and legal restrictions
  • Flagship beers more widely available than small-batch offerings


For fans seeking out the exceptional brews of Creature Comforts, locating their beers can require some persistence. But understanding their distribution footprint and the resources available makes buying Creature Comforts accessible whether at home or out and about in your community. Savvy beer lovers can tap into delivery services, local craft beer purveyors, bar draft lists, and finder tools to unlock access to these coveted brews. Just be sure to enjoy Creature Comforts’ remarkable beers responsibly once you secure your haul. Cheers

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