How To Replace Side View Mirror On Ford F150?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Removing the old mirror involves prying off the interior door cover and detaching the mounting bolts.
  • Installing the new mirror requires positioning it on the mounting bracket and securing with bolts.
  • Test the new mirror to ensure it’s securely attached and adjust to the desired position.
  • Replace the interior door cover once the new mirror is installed.
  • Specific steps may vary by F150 model year so consult the owner’s manual.

Driving a Ford F150 pickup truck provides versatility, capability, and freedom to handle both rugged terrain and everyday driving. However, damage to the side view mirrors can occur over time, whether from impact, weathering, or normal wear and tear. Replacing the side mirrors is important for maintaining good rearward visibility and safe driving. This article will provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to replace the side view mirrors on a Ford F150.

Properly replacing the side mirrors on an F150 involves methodically removing the old mirror, installing the new replacement mirror, and testing for proper fit and function. Following the procedures outlined here will enable F150 owners to correctly switch out these important visual aids. With the right tools and replacement parts on hand, mirror replacement can be performed by novice mechanics in their own garage.

Gaining the knowledge to replace F150 side mirrors eliminates the need for an expensive trip to the repair shop. The clear instructions in this article describe the complete process start to finish. Drivers will gain the confidence to tackle this straightforward automotive repair task. Having fully operational side mirrors is critical for monitoring surrounding traffic, gauging clearances, and avoiding obstructions in blind spots. Equipping your F150 with fresh mirrors will restore optimal rear viewing.

Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing F150 Side View Mirrors

How to Remove the Old Side View Mirror on a Ford F150?

The first key phase of the mirror replacement process is to systematically detach the outdated mirror from the door. This involves accessing the interior side of the door panel and taking out the mounting bolts. Follow these steps:

Carefully pry off the plastic cover on the inside of the door: Use a flathead screwdriver or pry tool to gently release the plastic cover that provides access to the mirror mount. Plastic fasteners or clips typically hold the cover in place. Take care not to crack or damage the cover during removal.

Locate the mounting bolts: With the plastic cover off, the vertical and horizontal bolts that hold the mirror in place will be visible. There are commonly three bolts, including two on the side and one on the bottom. Note that the specific bolt pattern may differ on certain F150 models and years.

Use a socket wrench to loosen and remove the bolts: Insert a ratcheting socket wrench with the appropriate size socket onto each mounting bolt. Turn counter-clockwise to loosen and unthread the bolts until they detach completely from the mirror.

Detach the mirror assembly from the door: With all bolts removed, the mirror can now be lifted off the door panel. Tilt and maneuver the mirror to separate it. Take care not to let the mirror fall and get damaged.

Following these key steps will enable clean removal of the outdated or broken side view mirror on your Ford F150. Always be sure to retain any small parts or hardware for the installation of the replacement.

How to Install the New Side View Mirror on a Ford F150?

Once the old mirror is taken off, installing the new replacement mirror onto the door is the next critical stage. Follow these guidelines for proper installation:

Position the new mirror onto the mounting bracket: Line up the holes and slots on the backside of the new mirror assembly with the corresponding mounting points on the door. Ensure the mirror sits flush to the door surface.

Insert and tighten the mounting bolts: Thread each bolt by hand first to avoid any cross-threading. Use the socket wrench to tighten each bolt until snug. Do not overtighten.

Connect the electrical wiring: Plug in the mirror harness wiring connector to the port on the back of the new mirror. This supplies power for adjusting and folding the mirror.

Test that the mirror is securely attached: Attempt to gently move or rock the mirror to verify that it is solidly affixed in place. All mounting points should remain tight.

Adjust the mirror glass to the desired position: Use the mirror adjustment controls inside the F150 to orient the new mirror glass for ideal rear viewing.

Replace the plastic cover on the interior door panel: Align the cover clips and press firmly around the edges to re-seat the interior cover. This protects the mounting points.

Taking the time to properly install the replacement mirror will ensure it functions correctly and provides years of service. The view from the driver’s seat should feel familiar after adjustment.

How to Test and Finalize the Installation of a New Side View Mirror on Ford F150?

Once the new mirror is fully in place on the door, carry out these final checks and steps to complete the job:

Check that the mirror now functions electronically: Use the mirror directional controls inside the F150. The new mirror should move up/down and left/right. Activate the fold-in function to verify proper mirror movement.

Inspect the mirror visually: Look for proper physical alignment with the door and check that the glass is situated squarely in the housing.

Take a test drive: Drive the F150 to determine that the new mirror provides good rear visibility. Make small adjustments with the controls as needed.

Re-tighten mounting bolts if required: If the new mirror exhibits any vibration or movement during driving, tighten the mounting bolts further to eliminate slack. Do not overtighten.

Confirm proper electrical operation: Verify that turn signal lights and any mirror heaters activate correctly after installation. Check this at night.

Keep an eye out for issues: Monitor the new mirror over subsequent drives to ensure it maintains proper positioning and stability. Tighten the mounting hardware again if any loosening occurs.

Completing each test and check will help guarantee that the new Ford F150 side view mirror is mounted securely and functioning as intended. Taking the time to properly install the mirror will restore optimal rear visibility and a complete view of the truck’s surroundings.

FAQs Related to Replacing Side View Mirror on Ford F150

What are some safety precautions to take when replacing a side mirror on F150?

Some key safety precautions include:

  • Wear protective gloves when removing old mirror glass that may have broken pieces.
  • Disconnect the battery before starting to avoid any electrical shorts.
  • Support the mirror assembly when removing so it doesn’t drop.
  • Ensure mounting locations are clean and free of dirt before installing.
  • Drive slowly at first to test the new mirror before normal use.

What tools do I need to replace an F150 side mirror?

Typical tools needed are:

  • Flathead screwdriver or panel removal tool
  • Socket wrench with appropriate sized sockets
  • Clean rag and glass cleaner
  • Electrical tape or wire caps
  • Torque wrench to re-check tightness

How can I determine the correct replacement mirror for my F150?

Check your VIN number stamped on the dashboard and reference online part diagrams for your truck’s year, make and model. The replacement will match left vs right and power vs manual folding functionality. OEM Ford and quality aftermarket mirrors are available. An automotive parts supplier can also assist in determining the proper replacement mirror.

Can I upgrade my mirrors when replacing them on my older F150?

Yes, you may be able to upgrade to newer style mirrors with turn signals, auto-dimming glass, heaters, or power folding. However, wiring modifications may be required. Consult a knowledgeable parts supplier to identify upgraded mirror options for your specific F150 truck.

What’s the easiest method for removing the old mirror bolts?

Using a ratcheting socket wrench with an extension bar will allow you to exert optimal leverage and torque for removing the mounting bolts. Soaking stubborn bolts with penetrating oil first can help loosen them as well.

How do I stop my new mirror from vibrating while driving?

Check that all mounting bolts are tightened to the proper torque specifications. Use threadlocker adhesive on the bolts. Install foam pads between the mirror and door to dampen vibration. Avoid opening windows which can create wind buffeting. Adjusting mirror position can also help.

Can I replace just the mirror glass instead of the whole assembly?

On some newer F150 models, only the mirror glass can be replaced after popping it out of the housing. But on most older models, the entire assembly must be replaced since the glass is not designed to be removable. Replacing the complete mirror assembly provides the most reliable result.

What’s the average cost for having a professional replace an F150 side mirror?

Repair shops typically charge $150-$300 for parts and 1-2 hours labor to replace a side mirror on an F150, depending on model year. Doing it yourself can save significant cost, with OEM or aftermarket replacement mirrors available from $50-$150.

Will my F150’s side mirror controls need to be reprogrammed after replacing a mirror?

On newer F150 models, the mirror programming may need to be reset using a diagnostic scan tool. Older models without electronic controls only require mechanical positioning and adjustment of the new mirror. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine if programming is required.


Driving a Ford F150 with cracked or malfunctioning side mirrors jeopardizes proper rear visibility and reduces safety. Following the comprehensive guidance in this article will enable F150 owners to successfully replace their truck’s side mirrors. The detailed yet straightforward process involves removing the old mirror, installing the new mirror, and testing for correct operation.

With preparation, care, and the right tools on hand, the mirror replacement process can be conducted efficiently. F150 owners will gain confidence to handle this important repair job themselves, saving the high costs of professional service. Thoroughly installed new side mirrors will accurately reflect the view behind and to the sides of the truck, providing vital visual support while hauling loads or navigating rugged conditions. Keep your Ford F150 in optimal driving condition and safety by routinely inspecting the mirrors and replacing them when needed.

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