Why Does DoorDash Keep Pausing?

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Key Takeaways:

  • DoorDash pauses can occur due to issues with the Dasher app, slow zones, high wait times, connectivity problems, or canceled orders.
  • Troubleshooting steps like force stopping the app, toggling airplane mode, or contacting support may resolve Dash pauses.
  • Remaining patient, multi-apping, and avoiding problematic restaurants can help manage pauses.
  • DoorDash pauses aim to provide Dashers with viable orders and avoid excessively long waits.
  • Understanding the pause reasons helps Dashers work efficiently and boost earnings.

DoorDash is one of the most popular on-demand food delivery platforms, allowing customers to order meals from local restaurants for quick and convenient delivery. As a Dasher, you likely rely on consistent orders and trips to earn good wages on DoorDash. However, you may sometimes experience frustrating pauses where the DoorDash app stops sending you delivery opportunities for a while. These pauses disrupt your workflow and can hamper your earnings.

This comprehensive guide will examine the top reasons that cause DoorDash to keep pausing deliveries for Dashers. We will evaluate the different factors that trigger pauses, from technical issues to restaurant problems. You will also learn effective troubleshooting tips to resolve app pauses quickly. Understanding why DoorDash pauses occur equips you to boost your earnings by avoiding or swiftly addressing disruptions during your dash.

With DoorDash pausing Dashers more frequently, it is valuable to understand the rationale behind these pauses. This allows you to maintain productivity and continue serving customers even when the app pauses your dash. The depth of information in this guide will help you identify issues promptly and develop smart workarounds. Let us delve into the reasons behind DoorDash pausing deliveries for Dashers.

Why Does The DoorDash App Keep Pausing My Dash?

DoorDash utilizes intelligently designed technology to facilitate a streamlined delivery experience. However, as with any app, technical glitches can occur and cause interruptions. The DoorDash app pausing dashers is most commonly caused by minor issues that can be easily fixed. Here are the key technical reasons for DoorDash pausing:

Issue With The Dasher App

The most frequent trigger for DoorDash pausing dashers is some problem with the Dasher app itself. These include:

  • App bugs – Code issues in the latest version of the Dasher app may lead to problems like freezing, crashing, or pauses.
  • GPS glitches – Inaccurate GPS location can confuse the app and cause pauses.
  • Connectivity issues – Weak cellular data signals, unstable WiFi, or network problems can prompt app pauses.
  • Phone resource constraints – Factors like low phone storage, outdated OS, too many background apps, or low RAM may lead to app instability.
  • Authentication errors – Invalid login credentials or multi-apping with the same account can cause authentication issues.
  • Payment processing failures – Problems with debit/credit cards, phone NFC sensor, or in-app payment processing may trigger pauses.

Technical problems with the Dasher app are the most common culprit for DoorDash pauses. Simple troubleshooting steps can typically resolve app-related issues quickly. Toggling airplane mode, force stopping the app, restarting your phone, or reinstalling the app can get your dash back on track.

Slow Zone With Low Orders

DoorDash utilizes intelligent algorithms to analyze order volume and Dasher availability in real-time. When the delivery demand in your zone is exceptionally low, DoorDash may keep pausing your dash every few minutes.

This prevents Dashers from waiting around indefinitely without any orders. It provides time for more orders to come in while limiting unproductive Dasher downtime. As soon as the zone picks up pace, you will stop getting paused.

Multi-apping by running multiple delivery apps simultaneously can help you stay productive during slow zones. You can also consider temporarily switching to a busier zone in the area to keep working during lulls.

High Wait Times At Restaurants

Excessive wait times at pickup restaurants are detrimental for both customers and Dashers. DoorDash has an AI-based system that tracks wait times across restaurants.

If you incurred high wait times beyond 10-15 minutes at a restaurant recently, DoorDash may pause your new orders from the same restaurant for 30 minutes. This is to avoid assigning you orders that will lead to more delays.

You can reduce wait times by confirming pickup times with restaurants, unassigning excessively delayed orders, and avoiding problem restaurants during peak times. Maintaining good pickup times will help avoid DoorDash pauses.

Why Does DoorDash Keep Pausing My Account?

In some cases, DoorDash may pause deliveries from your entire account due to problems beyond just the app. These account-level pauses aim to improve delivery efficiency. Common reasons for pausing Dasher accounts include:

Repeated Cancellations Of Orders

If you cancel assigned orders frequently, DoorDash may pause your account temporarily. This prevents subpar service and delays for customers when orders get bounced between Dashers.

Aim to only accept orders you can complete unless exceptional circumstances arise. Your account cancellation rate visible in the app should stay under 4% to avoid pauses.

Unable To Handle Volume Of Orders

If the order volume from a particular restaurant is too high, DoorDash may auto-pause other Dashers from receiving orders from the restaurant. This protects you from accepting orders you cannot handle.

Multi-apping and having backup restaurants on hand allows you to stay productive despite pauses at busy locations. You can return to the restaurant after 30-60 minutes when order volumes decrease.

Outstanding Ratings Issues

Customers provide ratings and feedback after each delivery. Consistently low delivery ratings can indicate issues that pause your account until resolved.

Checking your ratings periodically, providing excellent service, and contacting support if needed helps avoid low ratings that lead to pauses.

Ongoing Payment Problems

Inability to process your payouts due to outdated payment information, blocked cards, or payment failures may also pause your account.

Updating your debit/credit card information promptly and contacting support for payment issues helps avoid account pauses.

How Do I Resolve DoorDash Pausing My Account?

Once you identify the reason behind DoorDash pausing your account, you can take appropriate steps to troubleshoot the issue. Some key actions include:

  • Update the Dasher app – Install app updates immediately to fix bugs causing pauses.
  • Restart phone and app – Refreshing them re-establishes connections and resolves minor glitches.
  • Toggle airplane mode – This resets connections and often fixes pausing issues.
  • Check app permissions – Grant all required app permissions and ensure accuracy.
  • Contact Dasher support – They can investigate and resolve persistent app or account issues.
  • Switch to stable WiFi – Weak cellular data can cause pausing, so use reliable WiFi whenever possible.
  • Clear app cache and data – This wipes out outdated technical data causing problems.
  • Avoid problem restaurants – Prevent pauses by not accepting orders from locations with perpetual delays.
  • Improve ratings – Focus on providing 5-star service to customers to maintain high ratings.

With consistent troubleshooting efforts, you can resolve the majority of DoorDash pausing issues in minutes. However, if problems persist, speaking to a support agent is recommended for permanent solutions.

Why Does DoorDash Pause Dashers?

While DoorDash pausing dashers can be disruptive in the moment, the system is designed with certain logical goals in mind. Understanding DoorDash’s rationale for pausing can help you align better with their processes. Here are the key reasons why DoorDash pauses accounts:

Prevent Excessively Long Waits

Customers expect to receive their orders within an estimated delivery time. But if Dashers have to wait 30-40 minutes at restaurants, it leads to delays and degrades service quality. Intelligently pausing Dashers avoids assigning them to restaurants with long waits, preventing delays.

Improve Delivery Efficiency

Pausing accounts with consecutive cancellations or rating issues prompts those Dashers to rectify problems. This helps improve overall platform efficiency.

Balance Supply And Demand

Temporarily pausing Dashers helps rebalance demand in a zone until more orders come in. It prevents long idle times for Dashers when order frequency is low.

Reduce Congestion At Restaurants

Pausing Dashers from crowded restaurants lets other pickup orders without congestion. Once orders taper down, accounts are resumed.

Incentivize Best Practices

Strategic pausing incentives Dashers to maintain metrics like completion rate, pickup times, and ratings. This upholds delivery performance standards.

While pauses seem punitive in the moment, DoorDash utilizes them to create order optimization, prevent delays, and encourage Dasher best practices. Understanding this helps you work more aligned with DoorDash’s processes.

How Should I Manage DoorDash Pausing My Account?

Getting paused while you are on an active delivery dash can be stressful. However, pausing is an unavoidable aspect of the gig. Maintaining the right perspective and having backup plans helps you manage pauses smoothly. Here are some tips:

Remain Patient And Contact Support

If you get paused frequently, take a breath and contact DoorDash support calmly. Harassing agents will not get your problems resolved faster. Provide details on when and how you get paused so they can assist effectively.

Multi-App To Stay Busy

Run multiple delivery apps simultaneously so you have a steady order flow even if one app pauses. Instacart, Uber Eats, GrubHub etc. can supplement your earnings.

Temporarily Switch Zones

Relocate temporarily to a zone with higher demand if your current area has inadequate orders leading to pauses.

Take Breaks And Regroup

When you get paused repeatedly, take it as a sign to take a short break, get some water, use the restroom, and refresh. You will return recharged.

Avoid Problematic Restaurants

Do not accept orders from merchants with perpetual delays, missing items, or packaging issues that get you paused. Blacklist these locations.

Staying level-headed and having contingency measures in place allows you to take DoorDash pauses in your stride while continuing to earn steadily.

Can I Get Deactivated for Being Paused Frequently?

You may be concerned that being paused too often can lead to complete account deactivation. However, there is no fixed pause limit after which DoorDash will deactivate you. As long as you rectify your account issues prompting the pauses, you can continue delivering.

DoorDash only terminates accounts in extreme cases such as physical altercations, law violations, consumer fraud, or harassment. Maintaining excellent service quality, completing most of your accepted orders, and keeping your ratings high are the best ways to avoid deactivation.

Being paused a few times a day or even a week does not directly put your account at risk of termination. Channel your effort into resolving those underlying issues leading to pauses instead. Effective communication with support can also help minimize disablement risks. As long as you operate legitimately and work on improving problematic metrics, you can feel secure delivering with DoorDash.

Top Tips To Prevent and Resolve DoorDash Pausing

Here are some key actionable tips to help prevent DoorDash pausing issues and troubleshoot promptly when they occur:

  • Update the Dasher app to the latest version to avoid glitches.
  • If paused during an active dash, force quit and relaunch the app.
  • Toggle airplane mode off and on to re-establish connections.
  • Ensure your WiFi or cellular data connection is strong before starting.
  • Restart your phone before dashing to clear out issues.
  • Make sure the app has necessary permissions and accurate GPS access.
  • Contact support right away in case of account-level pausing.
  • Maintain 95%+ completion and under 4% cancellation rates.
  • Keep your customer rating at 4.7 or higher.
  • Unassign extremely delayed pickup orders to avoid pauses.
  • Identify restaurants with perpetual issues and avoid them.
  • Multi-app with UberEats, GrubHub etc. to offset DoorDash pauses.

Implementing these practical tips diligently makes it easier to avoid or quickly rectify DoorDash pauses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about DoorDash pausing deliveries answered:

Why Does DoorDash Pause My Dash Multiple Times In A Day?

Frequent pauses in a day are often due to problems like app glitches, phone resource constraints, weak internet connectivity, or low order volume in your zone. Troubleshoot app and connectivity issues. Switch zones or use a secondary delivery app if your area is slow.

Does DoorDash Unpause Automatically?

DoorDash unpauses automatically in most cases once the underlying issue is resolved. For example, waiting 30 minutes resolves a pause due to high restaurant wait times. Or toggling airplane mode can fix connectivity issues. If problems persist, contact support for manual unpausing.

How Long Does DoorDash Pause Your Dash?

DoorDash pauses can range from 10-15 minutes up to 1 hour depending on the reason. App problems lead to shorter pauses while account issues like cancellations prompt longer 30-60 minute pauses. If your dash stays paused indefinitely, force close and relaunch the app.

Can You Still Earn While Paused on DoorDash?

You cannot accept new DoorDash orders while paused. But you can earn with a secondary delivery app like UberEats. Or utilize the pause time productively to gas up your car, grab a snack, or respond to messages.

Does DoorDash Count Pauses Against You?

Occasional pauses are normal and do not count against your account. But consistently getting paused due to avoidable issues like tardiness, cancellations etc. can lead to warnings and eventual termination if not rectified.

Understanding the rationale behind DoorDash pauses enables you to maintain perspective. With the right troubleshooting techniques, you can swiftly resolve pauses and continue delivering smoothly. Consistently providing excellent service is the optimal way to ensure minimal disruptions from pauses.


DoorDash pausing your deliveries can disrupt your workflows and hamper earnings. But armed with the comprehensive information in this guide, you are now equipped to identify the reasons behind DoorDash app and account pauses. We discussed the various technical and operational factors that trigger pauses, from app glitches to slow zones.

You also learned effective troubleshooting tips to quickly rectify DoorDash pausing your dash or account. Implementing intelligent workarounds allows you to manage pauses effectively and maintain productivity. The knowledge of why DoorDash pauses Dashers and how their system operates enables you to align your workflows accordingly.

Applying the actionable techniques outlined will help you minimize frustrating pauses on DoorDash. With consistency, you can achieve higher delivery completion rates while upholding customer service standards. This knowledge helps you operate optimally on the platform so that you continue earning dependably even amidst pausing. Use these insights to have more control over your DoorDash delivery experience.

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