How to Reset Keyless Entry on Ford F150?

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Losing your keys or key fob can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Without access to your vehicle, even simple tasks become difficult. If you have a Ford F150 truck equipped with keyless entry and have lost your programmed key fob, you may feel stuck being locked out of your own vehicle. However, there is an easy process you can follow to reset the keyless entry and regain access to your truck.

What is Keyless Entry?

Keyless entry is an electronic lock that controls access to a vehicle without requiring an actual physical key to lock and unlock the doors. It uses radio frequency technology to communicate between a key fob and the vehicle. When the button on the fob is pressed, it sends a coded signal to a receiver located in the vehicle, which triggers the locks to engage or disengage.

Keyless entry provides several benefits:

  • Convenience – No need to fumble for keys to unlock the vehicle. The fob can often be left in a pocket or purse.
  • Added security – The coded signal between fob and receiver prevents theft better than a physical key.
  • Multiple users – Allows programming multiple fobs for additional drivers.
  • Remote access – Unlock and lock the truck from a distance. Some systems even allow remote start.

How Does the Ford F150 Keyless Entry Work?

The Ford Intelligent Access with Push Button Start system equips F150 trucks with keyless functionality. Rather than a traditional key, it uses a small wireless key fob to communicate with the vehicle.

The system consists of:

  • Key fob – Sends radio frequency signal to the vehicle. Contains lock/unlock buttons.
  • Receiver – Located in the vehicle. Picks up signal from fob and engages locks.
  • Push button start – Disengages steering wheel lock and starts engine after authenticating fob.
  • Backup slot – Allows key fob insertion to start vehicle if battery dies.

In addition to locking and unlocking, the fob can open the tailgate, activate panic alarm, and remotely start the engine on certain trim packages.

Programming the Fob

When new, the fobs are programmed at the factory. This syncing allows the receiver module in the truck to recognize a particular fob. The system can hold up to four programmed fobs.

To add a new fob, it must be programmed. Old fobs must be erased to prevent unauthorized access if lost.

How to Reset Ford F150 Keyless Entry?

If all programmed fobs are lost, the keyless entry system must be reset to work with new fobs. Resetting erases all programmed personal codes and reinstates the factory master code.

Here is how to reset the keyless entry on a Ford F150:

Step 1: Locate Factory Code

The five-digit factory code can be found:

  • On the owner’s wallet card in the glove box
  • Printed on a sticker located on the driver-side door jamb
  • On the back of the Intelligent Access Key fob

If you cannot find the factory code via any of these methods, contact your local Ford dealer. They can provide the reset code for your specific F150 truck.

Step 2: Enter Factory Code at Door

With the driver’s door open:

  • Enter the factory code on the keypad located on the door sill.
  • Press the middle of the keypad after each number.
  • The dome light will turn on if entered correctly.

Step 3: Press 1-2 Buttons

Within five seconds after the dome light turns on:

  • Press and release the 1-2 buttons on the keypad at the same time.

Step 4: Press and Hold 1-2 Buttons

  • Press and hold the 1-2 buttons together for two seconds.
  • Release when the door locks cycle, indicating the system reset is complete.

The keyless entry system should now be restored to factory default with only the master code active.

How to Program a New Fob

With the keyless entry reset, new fobs can be programmed.

To program additional fobs:

  1. Make sure vehicle is off and doors are closed.
  2. Place first unprogrammed fob in backup slot.
  3. Press push button ignition switch. Do not press brake pedal.
  4. Wait for doors to lock/unlock. Fob is now programmed.
  5. Repeat steps for additional fobs, inserting one at a time.

Up to four fobs can be programmed. Make sure any old lost fobs are erased.

Troubleshooting Ford F150 Keyless Entry Issues

Resetting the keyless entry may solve most issues getting locked out of your F150. But here are some other problems that may arise:

  • Weak key fob battery – Replace battery if fob has short range.
  • Damaged fob – Inspect fob for damage. A cracked housing can disrupt signal.
  • Receiver blocked – Metallic window tints or obstructions on rear-view mirror can interfere with receiver.
  • Wrong factory code – Double check factory code on sticker or card. Contact dealer for help.
  • Door ajar – All doors must be fully closed to program new fobs.
  • Multiple signals – Other fobs too close during programming. Keep extras away.
  • Faulty receiver – May require replacement by technician if fob won’t program.

If you continue having issues with the keyless system after resetting, have your F150 serviced by a Ford dealership. Their technicians can diagnose and repair any underlying problems.

Benefits of Resetting Keyless Entry

  • Regain access – Reset lets you unlock with new fob when old ones are lost.
  • No need to replace – Cheaper than changing entire keyless system.
  • Easy to do – Simple process using factory code and keypad.
  • Added security – Old fobs can no longer unlock if stolen.
  • Personalized access – Can program multiple fobs for family/friends.
  • Maintain convenience – Keep keyless functionality with new fobs.

Resetting the keyless entry provides an affordable, easy solution for lost fob issues. In just a few steps, you can be back on the road with full access to your Ford F150.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many fobs can be programmed on a Ford F150?

Ford F150 trucks with Intelligent Access can support up to four programmed key fobs.

Where is the factory code located?

The factory code can be found printed on a card in the owner’s manual, on a sticker located inside driver’s door jamb, or on the back of the original key fob.

What if I don’t have the factory code?

Without the factory code, you will not be able to reset the system. Contact your local Ford dealer and provide the VIN #. They can retrieve the factory reset code for your specific F150.

How close must the fob be during programming?

The fob should be within a few feet during the programming process. Keep any other fobs at least 10 feet away when programming a new one.

How long does programming a fob take?

Each fob only takes a few seconds to program once inserted into the backup slot. The entire process for multiple fobs takes less than a minute.

Can I program fobs without access to the vehicle?

The fobs must be programmed while sitting inside the F150 truck. The ignition does not need to be on, but the fob must be close to the receiver.

How do I know if reset worked?

After performing the reset, test a programmed fob. If doors lock/unlock, the reset succeeded. If not, repeat the process or seek help from a Ford dealer.

What resets keyless system besides factory code?

disconnecting the battery for up to 30 minutes can also reset the keyless system. But using the factory code method is recommended.

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