How to Change Ford F150 from KM to Miles?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The settings to change measurement units from km to miles are located in the instrument cluster menu of Ford F150 trucks.
  • Access the instrument cluster menu by using steering wheel controls and navigate to “Settings” or “Vehicle Settings”.
  • Locate the option to change measurement units under “Units”, “Unit of Measure”, or similar. Select “Miles” to switch from km.
  • The process may vary slightly across different model years and trim levels. Check owner’s manual for exact steps.
  • Additional resources like videos and forums provide more detailed visual instructions for changing units.


Distance measurements are fundamental to operating any vehicle. The Ford F150 allows drivers to choose between metric (kilometers) and imperial (miles) units. For F150 owners more accustomed to miles for speed, distance and fuel economy, switching the truck’s display from kilometers to miles can greatly improve usability and comfort.

This article will provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to change the Ford F150 instrument cluster and dashboard from showing kilometers (km) to miles. All necessary background information, instructions, tips, and resources will be covered to successfully make the switch. Readers will gain an in-depth understanding of the overall process.

Changing between measurement units is a useful customization that allows F150 drivers to configure their truck to best suit their needs and preferences. The ability to toggle between miles and kilometers adds convenience and improves the overall driving experience. This article will enable readers to discover the straightforward process for themselves. Let’s get started!

How to Access the Instrument Cluster Settings Menu in Ford F150?

The first step is accessing the settings menu through the instrument cluster on the Ford F150. The instrument cluster is the digital display behind the steering wheel that shows key information like speed, RPM, and more. Here is how to enter its settings menu:

Using Steering Wheel Controls

  • Locate the controls on the left side of the steering wheel. There will be an arrow pad and an “OK” button in the center.
  • Use the up/down arrows to cycle through the instrument cluster menu options.
  • When “Settings”, “Vehicle Settings”, “Advanced Settings” or similar is highlighted, press “OK”.
  • This will open the settings menu for the instrument cluster.

From Info Screen

  • Press the “i” button on the steering wheel to open the info screen.
  • Use the arrow pad to highlight “Settings” and select “OK”.
  • This will open the instrument cluster settings.

The exact steering wheel controls and menu options may vary slightly across different model years or trims. But accessing the settings can always be done through the instrument cluster menus.

How to Change from KM to Miles in Instrument Cluster?

Once inside the instrument cluster settings menu, here are the general steps to change the units from km to miles:

Locate The Unit or Measurement Settings

  • Navigate to the “Settings” menu if not already open.
  • Scroll down to find options like “Units”, “Unit of Measure”, or “Measurement Units”.
  • Select this option using the “OK” button.

Switch to Miles

  • Within the units settings you should see options for “Miles” and “Kilometers”.
  • Highlight and select “Miles” using the arrow pad and “OK” button.
  • This will immediately switch the speedometer, odometer and other measurements to miles.

Save Settings

  • Make sure to save your settings before exiting the menus.
  • This will store your unit preference as miles.

The settings may be named slightly differently across model years, but generally following the above steps will work to change km to miles. Always consult your owner’s manual for specific directions.

Where Else Should Units Be Changed from km to Miles?

In addition to the instrument cluster, the units displayed on the other screens in the Ford F150 should also be switched from km to miles for consistency:

Central Dashboard Screen

  • Use the buttons around the central screen to access Settings.
  • Go to Vehicle or System Settings and find Measurement Units.
  • Switch to Miles and save the setting.

Ford SYNC Display

  • Use voice command or menu to access SYNC Settings.
  • Go to General or Vehicle settings and change Measurement Units or Units.
  • Select Miles as preferred unit.

Navigation System

  • Access the Navigation Settings through Menu or Settings.
  • Find Measurement Units or Units settings and set to Miles.
  • Save the changes.

Changing the units across all displays will ensure everything from speed to navigation consistently displays miles for the best user experience.

Tips for Changing from KM to Miles in Ford F150

Keep these tips in mind when changing measurement units in the Ford F150:

  • Double check that instrument cluster, dashboard, SYNC, and navigation are all set to miles.
  • Press “OK” to save changes and confirm settings are updated.
  • Units may be listed as “Kilometers”/”Miles” or abbreviations like “km/h”/”MPH”.
  • Test by driving a short distance to verify speed shows MPH instead of km/h.
  • Refer to the owner’s manual if unsure where unit settings menus are located.
  • For older model years, units may need to be changed mechanically instead of electronically.
  • Dealership service center can help change units if needed.

Following these tips will allow for a smooth transition from km to miles in the Ford F150 truck.

Common Questions About Changing Units in Ford F150?

Does Changing Units Affect Odometer Reading?

No, changing between kilometers and miles does not affect the odometer reading. The total kilometers/miles driven is stored by the vehicle computer and will remain the same regardless of displayed units. The odometer reading will simply be displayed in miles instead of km.

Do Units Reset Back to Kilometers?

Once the unit settings are changed and saved, they will stay in miles permanently. The F150 remembers the chosen preference and won’t reset back to km without being explicitly changed. However, some vehicle maintenance at dealerships may reset the units back to factory kilometers.

Does Fuel Economy Change with Units?

While the displayed fuel economy units will switch, the actual fuel economy does not change between km and miles. Miles per gallon (MPG) and kilometers per liter (KPL) are just different representations of the same fuel efficiency.

Is There a Units Button to Quickly Toggle?

Unfortunately there is no dedicated button to instantly toggle between miles and km on most Ford F150 models. The units have to be changed through the settings menus as outlined in this article. However, some models may have an Units button as an added convenience feature.

Do Digital and Analog Speedometers Both Change?

Yes, when measurement units are changed, it will convert both the digital speedometer readout and the analog speedometer needle position. This keeps the two synchronized in the newly chosen units.


Switching the Ford F150 instrument cluster and displays from kilometers to miles is straightforward once you know where the unit settings are located. Navigating to the Settings menus for the instrument cluster, central dashboard, SYNC, and navigation allows changing between km/h and MPH.

Following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article will enable Ford F150 owners to customize their truck to show miles for optimal driving experience. Additional resources like instructional videos can supplement the information provided here. With the freedom to choose preferred units, F150 drivers can feel right at home regardless of their measurement system familiarity

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