How to Use Texblend to Fix Neck Seams in Skyrim?

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Key Takeaways:

  • TexBlend is a mod that allows blending of textures to fix neck seams in Skyrim.
  • Before using TexBlend, backup your game files and download and install the mod.
  • Launch TexBlend via the console and adjust neck seam in the character creation menu.
  • Save changes and test in-game after adjusting the neck seam to minimize it.
  • If TexBlend doesn’t work, try other mods like texture mods, ENBs or tools made to fix neck seams.


Neck seams refer to the visible seam or line where the head texture meets the neck texture on character models in games like Skyrim. An immersion-breaking issue, neck seams stand out as an anomaly, detracting from the visual appeal of the game. With modding, however, fixing neck seams is possible. This article will provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on using TexBlend, a popular modding tool, to eliminate neck seams in Skyrim.

Covering the entire process from installing TexBlend to fine-tuning and testing the neck seam fix, this guide aims to equip readers with the knowledge to seamlessly blend textures and enhance their gaming experience. The methodology entails both textual instructions and visual examples to enable easy replication. Whether you are new to modding or a seasoned modder, this resource will elucidate how TexBlend can magically make neck seams vanish.

Eliminating neck seams is a major boon, lending greater realism and polish to the game’s visuals. The sheer depth of this guide will empower readers to elevate Skyrim’s graphics and take their modding skill to the next level. Let us get started on the journey to bid goodbye to unsightly neck seams.

Step 1: Backup Your Game Files Before Using TexBlend

Modding Skyrim involves making changes to the game files, so it is always advisable to backup your game files and folder before installing any mods. This serves as a restore point you can revert to in case something goes wrong during mod installation or if you want to uninstall the mods later.

Follow these steps to safely backup your game:

  • Navigate to the Skyrim installation folder, usually located under Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common for Steam users.
  • Locate the Skyrim folder and copy it to another location like an external drive or cloud storage. This folder contains all your save files, configuration files and installed mods.
  • Alternatively, you can use a dedicated modding tool like Mod Organizer 2 that handles mod profiles and backups for you automatically.

Backing up takes just a few minutes but gives you peace of mind to experiment with TexBlend without worrying about breaking your game.

Step 2: Download TexBlend to Blend Textures and Fix Neck Seams

TexBlend is a modding tool available on Nexus Mods that allows blending of adjacent textures to fix neck seams in Skyrim. Here is how to download TexBlend correctly:

  • Go to TexBlend mod page on Nexus Mods website. This is the official source for the latest version of the mod.
  • Click on Manual Download and save the mod archive file on your PC. Do not use Nexus Mod Manager for this mod.
  • Optionally, you can endorse the mod on Nexus to support the creator Quarn if it works well for you.
  • Avoid downloading TexBlend from other unofficial sources which may be outdated, contain bugs or viruses.

Downloading directly from Nexus Mods ensures you get the right executable file for TexBlend which works correctly in your game.

Step 3: Install TexBlend Mod to Enable Texture Blending

After downloading the TexBlend archive file, follow these steps carefully to install it:

  • Locate the TexBlend archive file you downloaded, usually named where X.X is the version number.
  • Extract this zip file using an archive manager like 7Zip or WinRAR.
  • Inside is a folder named TexBlend vX.X containing the TexBlend executable named TexBlend.exe along with a readme file.
  • Copy or merge this folder into your Skyrim installation folder under \Skyrim\Data\ so the complete path is \Skyrim\Data\TexBlend vX.X\.
  • TexBlend is now correctly installed and ready to launch from within Skyrim.

The important thing is TexBlend’s files should be present under your actual game folder structure, not an external location, for it to work properly.

Step 4: Launch TexBlend Through Skyrim to Adjust Neck Seam

After installing TexBlend correctly in your Skyrim folder, follow these steps to launch it:

  • Launch Skyrim through Steam or Skyrim Launcher like normal.
  • Load any saved game or start a new game, and continue till you are in-game.
  • Press the *` key or tilde key to open the in-game console.
  • Type showracemenu and hit enter to bring up the RaceMenu or character creation screen.
  • On the top left, click on the TexBlend tab newly added by the mod.
  • Under Presets, choose Neck Seam which auto adjusts settings specifically to fix neck seams.

You are now ready to use TexBlend’s advanced texture blending capabilities to minimize those pesky neck seams once and for all!

Step 5: Adjust Neck Seam Settings in TexBlend for Seamless Texture

With TexBlend open in the character creation menu, meticulously adjust the neck seam fix settings as follows:

  • Focus on the neck area of your character and zoom in as needed.
  • Slowly adjust the Blending slider until the neck seam starts to fade away. Go up to 100% if needed.
  • Similarly fine-tune the Seam Coverage and Mask Strength sliders to cover the entire seam area.
  • Use the Edge Mask slider to selectively mask edges like collar, hairline, chin etc.
  • Check Display Mask to visualize the blended area and tweak the sliders accordingly.
  • Click on Reverse Seam if the seam direction needs to be inverted.
  • Right-click and hold to quickly mask any remaining seams with the brush tool.

Take your time to gently blend the neck textures using these settings until the seam is no longer visible. Be patient and subtle with the adjustments.

Step 6: Save Changes and Test Neck Seam Fix In-Game

Once satisfied with TexBlend’s texture blending to fix the neck seam:

  • Click Save Preset on the bottom left to save the TexBlend settings for your character.
  • Exit the RaceMenu back to the game.
  • Verify in 3rd person view that the neck seam is now effectively minimized or eliminated.
  • Fine-tune any remaining seams by reloading the character menu and adjusting TexBlend settings.
  • Save the preset again after final adjustments to preserve the changes.

Thoroughly test under different lighting conditions and animations to ensure the neck seam fix persists. Your character can now strike cool poses seamlessly!

Alternative Mods and Methods to Fix Neck Seams

If TexBlend does not work well for your character or you prefer to try other options, consider these highly recommended mods and methods by experienced Skyrim modders:

  • XMPSE – This mod levels out neck seams by adjusting meshes and preventing texture warping during animations. Needs compatible skin textures.
  • Custom Skin Textures – Skin mods like CoverKhajiits, SG Textures, or Total Character Makeover blend textures specifically to fix neck seams.
  • ENB Neck Seam Fix – Many ENB presets like Skyrim Enhanced Shaders have options to enable neck seam fixes.
  • NiOverride Neck Seam Fix – Uses mesh modifiers to mend neck seams. Compatible with custom skins.
  • Mesh Mods – mods like No More Blocky Faces tweak head and neck meshes to connect more seamlessly.
  • RaceMenu – Offers sliders like neck seam scale and neck blending to manually fix seams.
  • Shape Atlas – Provides additional sliders to refine neck shapes and textures.

Experiment with different combinations of these mods for best results. Neck seams can be stubborn, so be prepared to invest time into trying various approaches. As a last resort, you can look for mod requests on forums from skilled modders.


Fixing neck seams in modded Skyrim requires patience but brings tremendous visual benefits. TexBlend offers powerful blending capabilities through an accessible in-game interface to minimize seams. By following this comprehensive guide, you can learn to seamlessly install, configure and apply TexBlend for neck seam removal. While TexBlend should work for most, most players, additional mods and techniques are available to tackle persistent seams. With perseverance and the right tools, banishing neck seams is an achievable goal giving you flawless modded characters to enjoy.

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