How to Buy Apple Music on iPhone?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The iTunes Store within the Apple Music app allows you to purchase individual songs or full albums.
  • Pricing is on a per song or per album basis. Songs are usually $0.99 – $1.29 and albums $7.99 – $14.99.
  • Purchased music can be downloaded for offline listening and is saved permanently in your Apple Music library.
  • Subscribing to Apple Music provides unlimited, ad-free access to over 90 million songs for a monthly fee.
  • Downloaded and purchased music can be accessed in the Apple Music app’s Library tab.


With the rise of music streaming services, buying music may seem antiquated. However, purchasing select songs or albums to own can still be desirable for audiophiles who want permanent access to their favorite tracks or full discographies. Thankfully, Apple provides a seamless environment to buy music through the Apple Music app.

This comprehensive guide will walk through how to purchase music from the iTunes Store within Apple Music on an iPhone. Readers will learn the pricing structure, downloading process, subscription options, and where to access purchased content. Whether looking to buy the latest pop hit single or a timeless album, this article provides the complete instructions to master music buying on iPhone.

Discover the ease and convenience of owning music on iPhone. With Apple Music’s massive song catalog and intuitive app, building your permanent music collection is straightforward. Follow along as we explore music purchasing on iOS in detail.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Buy Music in the Apple Music App

Ready to grow your personal music library? Here is the complete walkthrough to buy songs or albums on an iPhone:

Step 1: Open the iTunes Store Within the Apple Music App

The iTunes Store is integrated directly within the Apple Music app. Begin by opening Apple Music and scrolling down on the Listen Now tab. Find and select “iTunes Store” to enter the store section.

Alternatively, open the Library tab within Apple Music. Here, tap “iTunes Store” near the top of the screen to also access the store.

Step 2: Navigate to the Music Section

Once in the iTunes Store, select “Music” at the bottom of the screen. This brings up Apple Music’s full catalog of songs and albums available for purchase.

Step 3: Search for the Song or Album

Use the search bar to find the specific track or album you want to buy. Search results will show both individual songs and full albums related to your search term.

Alternatively, you can browse the music selections. Navigate through genres, new releases, top charts, and recommendations to discover music to purchase.

Step 4: Tap the Price to Buy

When you find the song or album you want, tap the price next to it. Individual songs are typically $0.99 – $1.29 while entire albums usually range from $7.99 – $14.99.

Step 5: Confirm with Apple ID

A prompt will ask you to confirm the purchase with your Apple ID. Enter your password or use Touch ID/Face ID if enabled. Congratulations, you now own that music!

Purchased songs or albums are immediately accessible. There is nothing more to buy.

Apple Music Pricing and Cost Considerations

When buying music on iPhone, here are the pricing structures to be aware of:

  • Individual song prices are usually $0.99 – $1.29. More popular songs tend to be on the higher end.
  • Full albums typically range from $7.99 – $14.99 based on the artist and record label.
  • Soundtracks, compilations, and box sets can be up to $24.99. Rarely, some deluxe editions or imports may be higher.
  • Songs and albums can be previewed before buying so you know exactly what you’re getting.

While Apple used to sell iTunes gift cards, now Apple Music gift cards are available for purchase. These add store credit to your Apple ID to be used for music purchases or subscriptions. A thoughtful gift idea for the music lover in your life!

Downloading Purchased Music for Offline Playback

A major benefit of purchasing music is the ability to download for offline listening. Here’s how downloading works:

  • After buying a song or album, a download icon will appear next to it indicating it’s ready to download.
  • Tap the icon to download that music to your device’s storage.
  • Downloads are saved permanently. If deleted, return to the Apple Music library and tap the cloud icon next to purchased music to download again.
  • The My Music or Playlists tabs in your library shows all downloaded music for offline playback.
  • Downloads work with both wi-fi and cellular data. Streaming requires an internet connection.

So purchasing music enables full offline listening capabilities – perfect for planes, road trips, subway commutes, or occasions when you don’t have an internet connection.

The Differences Between Purchasing Songs and Apple Music Subscription

Purchasing specific songs or albums is not the only way to access music within Apple Music. A subscription provides unlimited streaming access to Apple’s full 90+ million song catalog. Let’s compare the differences:

Music Purchases

  • Pay per song ($0.99 – $1.29 each) or album ($7.99 – $14.99 each)
  • Songs/albums are owned forever and kept after unsubscribing
  • Downloads allow offline listening
  • Great for acquiring select favorite music

Apple Music Subscription

  • $9.99 per month individual plan or $14.99 family plan
  • Streams over 90 million songs on demand
  • Downloads only available during active subscription
  • Excellent for unlimited access to new releases

Consider your budget, listening habits, and desired access to new or old music when deciding between purchases or subscription. No longer a one-or-the-other choice, Apple Music flexibly allows both options.

Where to Find Purchased & Downloaded Music in Your Library

All music acquired through purchases or Apple Music downloads can be accessed from the app’s Library tab. Here’s an overview of where to locate it:

Recently Added

This shows all recently purchased and downloaded songs or albums. A great way to quickly access your latest additions.

Songs or Albums

These tabs categorize your entire Apple Music library—both purchases and subscription streams. View just your owned music or mix it with subscription content.


Sorts your collection by artist. Again, includes both owned and subscription content.


Shows only the music downloaded for offline playback—the perfect offline listening playlist.

My Music

Provides a customized playlist of music you own, love, and regularly listen to—excluding subscription content.

So in summary, the Library tab brings all purchased, owned, and downloaded music into one easily accessible place for you to enjoy!

Top Tips for Purchasing Music on iPhone

To maximize your music buying experience on Apple Music, utilize these top tips:

  • Wish List music you’re considering to purchase to easily reference later.
  • Take advantage of free song previews before purchasing.
  • Follow your favorite artists so you never miss new releases ready to purchase.
  • Use Search to directly find songs and albums to buy.
  • Check the Account section for purchase history and iTunes Store payment setup.
  • Gift an Apple Music gift card to a friend so they can shop music purchases or subscription.
  • Downloaded music purchases provide peace of mind if you ever unsubscribe from Apple Music.
  • Enjoy music downloads during flights, road trips, or other offline listening times.

Conveniently Build Your Music Collection On iPhone

The Apple Music app makes it a breeze to buy songs or albums directly on iPhone. With permanent ownership, downloads for offline access, and seamless integration of purchases into your library, you can conveniently build a personal music collection. Plus, an Apple Music subscription grants unlimited access to new releases each month.

No longer choose between buying or streaming. Apple Music flexibly provides the best of both. Take advantage of the robust iTunes Store catalog, intuitive app, and thoughtful music recommendations to discover and purchase music you’ll enjoy for years to come. Happy music buying!

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