How Much Does Hulett Pest Control Cost?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Hulett Pest Control prices vary based on the type of pest, extent of infestation, and service plan.
  • Termite treatments typically range from $1,000 to $5,000 on average.
  • General pest control plans start at $80 for 3 months with unlimited additional service.
  • Quotes are free and the exact price depends on your specific situation.
  • Various factors like location and house size impact the total cost.
  • Hulett provides customized solutions to effectively eliminate pests.


Dealing with a pest infestation at home can be extremely frustrating and disturbing. From termites silently damaging the structural integrity of your house to cockroaches and rodents spreading diseases, pests can cause significant problems if left uncontrolled. To get rid of these invaders and prevent future occurrences, specialized pest control services are often required.

Hulett Pest Control is a leading pest extermination company providing customized solutions for residential and commercial customers across the Southeast United States. But how much does Hulett Pest Control cost on average? What are the different pricing factors and variables involved? This comprehensive guide will discuss Hulett’s pest control prices for various services to help homeowners and businesses determine expected costs.

With insight into typical prices, service plans, and cost considerations, readers will be better informed when contacting Hulett Pest Control for a quote tailored to their unique situation. The ability to budget and plan for pest management will enable customers to proactively address infestations and maintain a pest-free environment. Read on to discover how much Hulett Pest Control costs.

Typical Pricing for Hulett Pest Control Services

What Are the Standard Pricing Ranges for Different Hulett Services?

Hulett Pest Control offers customized solutions for a wide variety of pests, including termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, and more. Due to the specialized nature of these services, exact prices will vary. However, some standard price ranges apply:

  • Termite control: $1,000 to $5,000 on average. Most treatments fall in the $2,000 to $3,000 range.
  • Fumigation (tenting): $2,000 to $5,000 for homes. Significantly higher for large commercial properties.
  • General pest control: $40 to $125 per treatment. Service plans offered.
  • Rodent removal: $250 to $750 depending on infestation size.
  • Bed bugs: $750 to $1,500 for homes or apartments.
  • Mosquito control: $50 to $100 per month for barrier treatments.

Despite general price ranges, the specific situation always dictates actual costs. Severe infestations, larger homes, commercial properties, and special requirements will increase prices. Hulett provides free, customized quotes.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Hulett Pest Control Services?

Many variables affect pricing for Hulett Pest Control services, including:

  • Type of pests: Difficult pests like termites cost more than general ants/spiders treatment.
  • Extent of infestation: Widespread problems cost more to treat than isolated issues.
  • Location: Prices are higher in metropolitan areas like Orlando and Tampa. Regional prices apply.
  • Property size: Larger homes require more products/effort to treat fully.
  • Preparation work: Pre-treatment cleanups/repairs add costs if needed.
  • Treatment type: Fumigation, heat, full-structure tenting costs more than local spraying.
  • Follow-up visits: Inspections or preventative treatments affect monthly costs.
  • Commercial property: More complex pest issues in workplaces may have higher costs.
  • Special requirements: Difficult access areas, pet accommodations, etc. can increase prices.

With so many variables, free quotes are essential for accurate pricing. Hulett thoroughly evaluates each situation before proposing a solution and cost estimate.

What Are the Typical Prices for Different Pest Solutions from Hulett?

Some examples of average prices for specific situations include:

  • Average-size house, minor termite treatment: $1,500 – $2,500
  • Severe bed bug infestation, apartment unit: $1,000 – $1,500
  • Quarterly general pest control, small home: $320 annually
  • Mosquito barrier spray, 1 acre property: $700 – $900 annually
  • Complete rodent removal, large attic: $500 – $750
  • Fumigation with tenting, 3,000 sq. ft. house: $4,000 – $6,000
  • Ongoing pest prevention plan, business: $100 – $200 monthly

These examples illustrate how prices can vary significantly based on specific situations. A free, no-obligation quote provides the exact price for your particular needs.

What Are the Different Service Plans and Payment Options?

For ongoing protection, Hulett offers various service plans with payment options:

  • Quarterly pest control: 4 treatments per year starting at $320.
  • Monthly pest control: Preventative treatments starting at $80 for 3 months.
  • Annual pest control: Pre-pay yearly with discount, around $480 and up.
  • Rodent protection: Quarterly exterior treatments starting at $300.
  • Termite renewal: Annual renewal after initial treatment, around $250.
  • Mosquito control: Outdoor spraying every 3-4 weeks, $50-$150 monthly.

For most plans, customers choose to pay after each service. However, annual pre-payment, monthly automatic payments, and financing are available. Termite jobs and fumigation often require 50% advance payment.

What Are the Different Types of Services Offered by Hulett?

What Kinds of Pest Control Do They Provide?

Hulett provides comprehensive pest control solutions for a full range of pests, including:

Termites – Treatment options like tenting, liquid application, termite baiting. Preventative and renewal plans.

Ants, cockroaches, spiders – General pest treatments, indoor and outdoor.

Bed bugs – Heat and chemical treatments for homes, hotels, etc. Follow-up inspections.

Rodents – Humane removal and exclusion services for rats, mice, squirrels.

Mosquitoes – Barrier spraying, larviciding, and outdoor treatments.

Stinging pests – Wasp, hornet, yellowjacket nest removal and prevention.

Wildlife control – Removal and exclusion of raccoons, opossums, snakes, etc.

Fumigation – Tenting and sealing for whole-structure treatment.

Commercial services – For business locations including food handling establishments.

Pre-construction termite treatment – Soil treatment before new construction.

How Does Hulett Tailor Their Pest Treatments?

Hulett emphasizes customized solutions tailored to each customer’s specific situation. The process includes:

  • Thorough inspection to identify all pest issues and entry points.
  • Analysis to pinpoint ideal treatment methods for the circumstances.
  • Focus on addressing root causes for long-term prevention.
  • Client education on pest behavior and potential risks.
  • Flexible appointment scheduling for minimal disruption.
  • Detailed documentation with photos, graphs, treatment reports.
  • Follow-up visits and preventative treatments as needed.
  • Special accommodations like pet boarding if required for service.

This tailored approach results in maximum effectiveness and value from Hulett pest control services.

What Are the Key Treatment Methods They Offer?

Hulett professionals use a variety of proven treatment methods to eliminate pests:

  • Sprays and dusts – For indoor and outdoor insect/spider control. Long-lasting synthetic and natural options.
  • Bait and traps – Lures targeted at certain pests like termites, ants, and rodents.
  • Fumigation – Sealing structure and using fumigant gases for whole-building treatment.
  • Heat treatment – Heating infested areas like bed bug sites to lethal temperatures.
  • Liquid application – Chemical treatment injected into walls, foundations, soil, etc. for termites.
  • Sealing and exclusion – Blocking pest entryways permanently.
  • Habitat modification – Eliminating conditions favorable to pests.
  • Biological control – Use of natural predators or microbes to control pests.

Hulett selects the ideal techniques or combination to resolve the issue effectively and safely.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Hulett Pest Control?

Why Choose Hulett Over DIY or Other Providers?

Choosing Hulett Pest Control offers many advantages:

  • Established reputation – Over 50 years of experience managing pests successfully.
  • Certified expertise – Technicians are thoroughly trained and licensed.
  • Latest technology – Use state-of-the-art methods and products.
  • Customized solutions – Treatments tailored to your specific situation.
  • Efficiency – Solve issues more quickly and effectively than DIY approaches.
  • Comprehensive service – Handle a wide range of pests under one contract.
  • Ongoing prevention – Proactive treatments keep pests away long-term.
  • Peace of mind – Warranties and guaranteed results provide confidence.
  • Safety – Professionals minimize risks to people, pets, and property.

For pest problems, choosing a reputable provider like Hulett offers clear benefits and advantages over DIY options.

What Guarantees or Warranties Do They Offer?

Key guarantees and assurances Hulett provides include:

  • Satisfaction guarantee – 100% satisfaction or full refund.
  • Treatment guarantee – Free follow-up treatment if pests return within 30 days.
  • Damage repair – Fix any minor damage caused by treatments for free.
  • Termite retreatments – Free retreatments if termites return within 1 year of treatment.
  • Re-treatment guarantee – Free re-treatment for covered pests within 30 days of initial scheduled service.
  • Elimination warranty – 100% elimination of German roaches guaranteed.

These promises provide confidence in using Hulett Pest Control services. Guarantees may vary or have specific conditions, so check with your local branch.

How Does Hulett Make Their Services Environmentally-Friendly?

Hulett aims to provide effective pest control while minimizing environmental impact. Initiatives include:

  • Reduced spraying – Spot treatments and baiting instead of widespread spraying.
  • Natural products – Botanical treatments, microbials, essential oils utilized when possible.
  • Targeted application – Precision injection and placement of pesticides.
  • Protective equipment – Used to prevent contamination during applications.
  • Eco-friendly fumigants – Lower toxicity options than older fumigants.
  • Recycling – Proper disposal and recycling of all hazardous materials.
  • Technician training – Ongoing education in safety, precision, and avoidance of pesticide overuse.

By combining modern treatment methods with a conscientious focus on sustainability, Hulett provides green and eco-friendly pest control solutions.

What Should You Expect During Hulett Pest Control Service?

How Does the Process Work When You Hire Them?

The typical process when working with Hulett includes:

  • Free inspection – Technician evaluates pest issues thoroughly at your property.
  • Customized quote – A detailed, personalized quote is provided for review.
  • Service scheduling – Appointments booked at convenient times.
  • Preparation – Any required pre-treatment prep work is completed.
  • Service delivery – Technicians arrive on schedule and perform planned treatments.
  • Payment – Pay after service or as per your plan.
  • Follow up – Any needed post-treatment inspection or prevention services.
  • Support – Customer service available for any maintenance questions or issues.

The process is designed to deliver responsive, high-quality, and professional pest control services.

What Safety Precautions Do They Take During Service?

Hulett technicians take precautions to ensure safety, such as:

  • Approval of treatment plans by management before initiation.
  • Thorough technician training and adherence to standardized protocols.
  • Advance notification of any necessary preparations like pet removal.
  • Posting of safety signs around treatment areas.
  • Use of personal protective equipment while performing work.
  • Proper sealing of treated areas during and after service.
  • Secure transport and disposal of pesticides and equipment.
  • Communication of risks, instructions, and next steps before departure.

Safety is a top priority for Hulett Pest Control during all services.

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