What Line Is Hicksville on LIRR?

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Key Takeaways

  • Hicksville is a station on the Main Line and Port Jefferson Branch of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR).
  • The station is located in Hicksville, New York and has two island platforms and three tracks.
  • Hicksville station is wheelchair accessible and serves many LIRR branches.
  • The station provides connections to the Babylon, Port Jefferson, and Ronkonkoma branches.
  • Hicksville is one of the busiest stations on the LIRR, serving over 20,000 commuters daily.


For Long Island residents and visitors looking to travel west towards New York City or east towards eastern Long Island, the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) provides an indispensable transportation option. With over 90 stations spanning 124 miles, the LIRR has extensive reach across Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens counties. However, with its sprawling network across multiple branches, determining which LIRR line serves each station can be confusing. One of the LIRR’s busiest stations is Hicksville in Nassau County. But what line is Hicksville station on?

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Hicksville’s key station information, train connections, and the specific LIRR lines and branches it serves. With ridership exceeding 20,000 passengers per weekday, understanding Hicksville’s role in the LIRR system is valuable for regular commuters and occasional riders alike. The insights below clarify exactly how Hicksville integrates into the LIRR’s Main Line, Port Jefferson Branch, and connecting branches. Additional details on platforms, station facilities, and accessibility further illustrate the station’s passenger conveniences.

By evaluating the LIRR lines, branches, and infrastructure corresponding to Hicksville, this guide enables riders to fully utilize the station for various travel needs. The station’s positioning as a major LIRR hub and transfer point is made clear. For any rider looking to embark, disembark, or transfer trains at Hicksville, this overview provides helpful orientation.

Where Is Hicksville Station Located Geographically??

To understand which specific LIRR line(s) serve Hicksville station, it is first necessary to know the station’s geographic location. Hicksville station is situated along the LIRR’s Main Line in the Nassau County hamlet known as Hicksville, New York.

Hicksville is located approximately 25 miles east of Manhattan and around 10 miles north of Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. The station can be found just north of Broadway between West Barclay Street and West Carl Street. This places Hicksville near the midpoint of the LIRR’s main route between the eastern and western endpoints of the Long Island Rail Road system.

The Village of Hicksville is surrounded by other Nassau County communities including Bethpage to the south, Old Bethpage to the east, Jericho to the west, and Syosset to the north. Situated in this central Nassau County location northeast of the New York City boroughs, Hicksville provides area residents with convenient LIRR access both east and west.

What Lines Run Through Hicksville Station??

With an understanding of Hicksville’s geographic location along the LIRR system, it becomes clearer which specific lines serve the station. Hicksville is on the LIRR’s Main Line, which runs the length of Long Island between Long Island City and Greenport. The Main Line is the central LIRR route that connects New York City and western Nassau County to eastern Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

In addition to the Main Line, Hicksville is also on the LIRR’s Port Jefferson Branch. The Port Jefferson Branch splits from the Main Line just east of Hicksville and runs northeast to Port Jefferson. The station lies at the junction of the Main Line and Port Jefferson Branch. So in summary, Hicksville station is served directly by both the Main Line and the Port Jefferson Branch.

What Other LIRR Branches Can Be Accessed from Hicksville??

A key benefit of Hicksville station is that in addition to the Main Line and Port Jefferson Branch, transfers are available to other LIRR branches. For passengers traveling to and from other parts of Long Island, Hicksville acts as a hub with connections to additional eastern branches.

The Babylon Branch has a direct transfer at Hicksville, enabling convenient access between the station and southwestern Suffolk County. Farther east, the Ronkonkoma Branch connects to Hicksville as well. Travelers can transfer between trains on these branches and the Main Line at the Hicksville junction.

Lastly, the Oyster Bay Branch provides indirect connections from Hicksville via transfer at the Mineola station just two stops to the west. With Mineola’s linking of the Oyster Bay and Main Lines, Hicksville receives added connectivity to stations like Glen Head, Glen Cove, and more.

How Many Platforms and Tracks Does Hicksville Have??

To accommodate all of its train traffic and transfers, Hicksville station has substantial infrastructure. The station’s track layout includes three tracks designated 1, 2, and 3. These three tracks service two separate island platforms. Island platforms have trains on both sides, as opposed to side platforms that border just one track.

The main Platform A is a wide island platform bordering Tracks 2 and 3. Platform A provides access to trains on both of these serving tracks.

Platform B is a narrower island platform on the north side of Track 1. This smaller platform is adjacent to Track 1 and primarily used for train storage and rail yard access. Occasional passenger trains service Platform B when needed.

The two island platforms allow passengers to board trains on both sides of each platform. This infrastructure supports the high volume of LIRR trains passing through the interchange.

Is Hicksville Station Wheelchair Accessible??

In addition to its multi-track layout, Hicksville station provides several features to enhance passenger accessibility. The station is compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, including wheelchair accessibility to boarding platforms.

The station has elevators available to reach each of the two platforms from the street level. Passengers with mobility limitations can access Platform A and Platform B without needing to utilize stairs. Level boarding is available, with minimal gaps between the platform and train car.

Other accessible features include audible alerts, text displays, and tactile warning strips along the platform edge. Parking spots for vehicles with ADA placards are also designated nearby. These measures help ensure all riders can safely navigate the station and trains.

How Busy Is Hicksville Station??

As a major transfer point between multiple LIRR branches, Hicksville is one of the railroad’s busiest stations. In fact, it’s the busiest station outside of western Nassau County and New York City terminals. An estimated 20,500 passengers pass through Hicksville on an average weekday based on the latest LIRR data.

To put this in perspective, Hicksville’s ridership exceeds that of prominent terminals like Huntington, Port Washington, and Port Jefferson. Both weekday commuters and weekend leisure travelers contribute to these lofty ridership numbers.

The station’s central location and connections facilitate this heavy use. Along with locals, travelers heading to New York City or eastern Long Island pass through Hicksville thanks to its Main Line/Port Jefferson junction. Transfers also drive traffic, with riders connecting between trains bound for Babylon, Ronkonkoma and other communities.

As a gateway for accessing jobs, entertainment, and more across Long Island and the NYC metro area, Hicksville serves an invaluable role in the region’s transportation network. The station’s infrastructure capably accommodates the high passenger volumes.

Is There Parking Available at Hicksville Station??

The Hicksville station area provides various parking options for inbound LIRR riders. However, the high station usage results in extremely limited daily parking availability. Only 16 daily fee parking spots exist, which fill up early on weekdays. Riders without permits are unlikely to obtain daily parking.

Approximately 50 permit-only parking spaces serve monthly permit holders. Residents of Hicksville, Bethpage, and Jericho are eligible to apply for monthly permits. Outside of designated permit and daily fee spaces, parking is prohibited within the station lot.

Alternatives beyond the station lot include municipal parking meters and permits on nearby streets. Free parking is also available at the Hicksville Sears lot 0.4 miles north of the station. While tight at the station itself, these surrounding options can accommodate additional drivers.

What Are Some Key Destinations Accessible from Hicksville??

Hicksville’s connectivity via LIRR enables easy access to key destinations across Long Island and New York City. Here are some of the major locations riders can travel to departing from Hicksville station:

  • New York City – Midtown Manhattan, Penn Station, Atlantic Terminal
  • Jamaica – Transfer hub for NYC subways and AirTrain JFK
  • Babylon/Fire Island – Beaches, ferries, Captree State Park
  • Ronkonkoma – MacArthur Airport, Lakeland County Park
  • Port Jefferson – Ferry to Connecticut, beaches
  • Oyster Bay – Theodore Roosevelt’s estate Sagamore Hill
  • Huntington – Cinema Arts Centre, Heckscher Museum of Art

Whether heading to Manhattan offices, Fire Island beaches, or Oyster Bay mansions, Hicksville provides a gateway. The station’s network connectivity enables direct or easy transfer access to all of these destinations.


For over 50 years, Hicksville station has served as a major transportation hub on Long Island. The station lies on both the Main Line and Port Jefferson Branch while connecting to additional eastern LIRR branches. With substantial ridership over 20,000 passengers daily, the station’s two island platforms and three tracks support an array of travelers. Hicksville provides valued accessibility for individuals with disabilities as well.

While parking is limited directly at the station, supplementary lots and garages in the vicinity accommodate commuters. Riders can leverage Hicksville’s connectivity to reach key Nassau and Suffolk destinations, in addition to Manhattan. With its positioning at the heart of the LIRR system, Hicksville is an essential station for accessing many parts of Long Island and New York City

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