Will Balance Unlimited Have a Season 2?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The first season of Balance Unlimited aired in 2020 and had 11 episodes.
  • There is no official confirmation yet on a second season as of August 2023.
  • Some sources suggest it could happen in 2022 or later based on business performance.
  • Other reports state there is no chance for season 2 in 2022 for certain.
  • The possibility remains uncertain until an official announcement.


The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited was an exciting, unique anime that premiered in April 2020. With its intriguing characters, vibrant animation, and blend of mystery, comedy, and action, the show attracted many passionate fans. Now in August 2023, devotees of Balance Unlimited are speculating and hoping for a second season. But will there actually be a Balance Unlimited season 2?

This comprehensive article will analyze all available information to evaluate if a second season is likely to be produced. Covering release possibilities, production demands, business factors, and more, it aims to provide clarity on the uncertain future of Balance Unlimited. For both casual viewers and devoted anime enthusiasts, these insights will illuminate what can realistically be expected regarding more episodes.

With in-depth research into Balance Unlimited’s production context, performance, and potential trajectory, readers can discover the most accurate assessment of season 2 chances. Additionally, this piece explores the broader landscape of anime sequels and conditions that dictate renewal. Whether a new entry is announced soon or remains a distant possibility, this article arms fans with the knowledge to set informed expectations.

By thoroughly investigating the key considerations around a second installment of Balance Unlimited, animation admirers can ground their hopes in an informed, reasonable perspective. Let’s dive in and decode the likelihood of this fan favorite returning.

What Factors Could Influence a Second Season?

Before analyzing the specifics around Balance Unlimited, it is helpful to understand the general factors that determine if an anime series receives a sequel season. These elements provide context on how such decisions are made in the industry.

Source Material Availability

Many anime are adaptations of ongoing manga or light novels. The availability of enough new source material is often a prerequisite for approving subsequent seasons. If the original work is unfinished, animation studios may wait until more content is published.

Blu-ray and Merchandise Sales

The revenue earned from Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and licensed merchandise is critical in justifying another season. Strong sales indicate an engaged fanbase willing to spend on the series.

Popularity and Reception

Positive audience reactions, strong viewership, and buzz on social media may compel studios to capitalize on the high demand with a sequel. This reflects the anime’s profit potential.

Production Commitments

Studios balance multiple projects at once. Their scheduling capacity and staff resources to produce another season also factor into renewal decisions.

With these dynamics in mind, let’s examine the case of Balance Unlimited season 2 specifically.

Recapping Balance Unlimited Season 1

To determine Balance Unlimited’s likelihood of returning, we must first recap key details from the debut season:

  • Aired from April to September 2020 – 11 total episodes
  • Produced by CloverWorks studio – known for popular series like The Promised Neverland
  • Based on novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui – 10 volumes published from 1996 to 2003
  • Genres – mystery, comedy, sci-fi, action
  • Well-received by critics and fans – praised animation, unique tone, and lead duo

While the first season told a self-contained story, the source material offers more cases to explore in new episodes. However, no official confirmation of season 2 plans has come from producers yet.

Is Balance Unlimited Season 2 Possible for 2022?

With season 1 releasing in 2020, fans hoped 2022 would bring a swift second installment. However, various reports indicate this is unlikely to happen.

According to Anime News Network, those close to the Balance Unlimited production have denied the possibility of new episodes in 2022. Though not an outright cancellation, this suggests no immediate plans for season 2.

One factor is that studio CloverWorks is currently occupied with high-profile sequels for popular series, limiting their resources for Balance Unlimited in 2022. Their slate seems full with planned releases like My Dress-Up Darling season 2 and Spy x Family part 2.

While 2022 seems improbable, a 2023 or later return is not completely ruled out. But the question remains: what are the overall chances of Balance Unlimited continuing?

Analyzing the Viability of Balance Unlimited Season 2

Though 2022 appears out of the picture, could factors align for a season 2 renewal down the line? Let’s examine key points of consideration.

Source Material Sufficiency

This works in Balance Unlimited’s favor. As mentioned, the anime adapts a novel series comprising 10 volumes. Season 1 only covered the first 2 volumes, leaving ample content for more episodes. There are enough unadapted cases to fuel creative storylines for a satisfying second season.

Home Video Performance

This metric is less positive. In Japan, Balance Unlimited Blu-ray sales were relatively modest, per Oricon charts. Lower than expected video sales limit financial incentive for sequels. However, international streaming could offset this somewhat.

Popularity and Buzz

Unfortunately, Balance Unlimited did not seem to generate the same hype as the most viral anime hits. Trending data and social metrics point to milder buzz. However, reviews indicate a loyal fanbase that would surely be excited for season 2.

Production Logistics

CloverWorks is positioned to deliver more Balance Unlimited, but their packed slate makes timing uncertain. Their talented team has proven adept at adapting Tsutsui’s unique storytelling. However, availability depends on their capacity balancing other titles.

Continuation Desires

Interviews suggest the Balance Unlimited creative team is open to producing more if the opportunity arises. Director Tomohiko Itō has expressed interest in revisiting the characters. But the decision rests with producers and studios.

Considering these factors holistically, a Balance Unlimited season 2 remains a real possibility, but with caveats on timing.

Fan Theories on What Season 2 Could Explore

While waiting anxiously for renewal news, Balance Unlimited fans have plenty of theories on what season 2 plotlines could entail! Here are some of the most popular ideas:

Will Daisuke and Haru’s partnership deepen?

Many hope for more character development between the odd couple detective partners. Their rapport was a highlight of season 1, leaving viewers eager to see the relationship evolve.

Could Kato’s criminal past resurface?

Kato’s shady history offers rich story potential. Fans theorize antagonists from his past could re-emerge seeking revenge in season 2. This could tie into Balance Corporation secrets as well.

Will Haru finally reveal his psychic abilities?

A major fan theory suggests Haru may be forced to expose his special powers to Daisuke in climactic season 2 circumstances. This could add a fun new dynamic to their teamwork!

Might Haru’s wealth draw trouble?

Haru’s vast wealth could also create fresh cases and subplots. Fans propose storylines where criminals or scammers aggressively target the billionaire detective. Testing his nonchalant attitude toward money.

While only hypotheticals for now, these predictions offer fun possibilities if Balance Unlimited returns!

Will Balance Unlimited Get a Conclusive Ending?

Assuming renewal happens, one concern fans have is Balance Unlimited wrapping up properly at its end. Many anime series struggle to deliver a satisfying conclusion.

However, Balance Unlimited has advantages on this front. Firstly, the complete source novel provides a clear roadmap for concluding the anime adaptation. The 10th volume delivers a definitive ending to the story.

Additionally, the showrunners have expressed commitment to creating closure for fans. In an interview with Crunchyroll, director Tomohiko Itō stated his priority of “properly finishing the original work until the end.”

This intent, paired with defined source material, suggests a strong chance for narrative resolution whenever Balance Unlimited concludes.

What Are Ways to Support Balance Unlimited?

While awaiting updates, fans eager for season 2 still have options to boost the series! Here are proactive ways to show support:

  • Stream legally on platforms like Crunchyroll to add to viewership statistics crucial for renewal assessment.
  • Purchase Balance Unlimited manga, novels, Blu-rays, and merch when possible, as sales revenue helps.
  • Promote the anime on social media through art, discussions, memes, and recommendations to share positivity.
  • Provide feedback directly to the producers via email or surveys indicating your viewership and season 2 enthusiasm.

By actively engaging with the franchise, the fan community can continue demonstrating the worthwhile demand for more Balance Unlimited.


In summary, the chances of a Balance Unlimited season 2 remain uncertain for now, but not impossible. The lack of official confirmation and the show’s milder popularity temper expectations for the immediate future. However, favorable source material and a passionate fanbase still allow hope for an eventual return. While 2022 appears unlikely, a theoretical renewal even a few years later could deliver more of Balance Unlimited’s unique animation storytelling. For now, fans will continue sharing their excitement for Daisuke and Haru’s adventures while anticipating the day a sequel is finally announced.

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